Our top 10 blogs of 2021 for New York drivers

Our top 10 blogs of 2021 for New York drivers

The most read INSHUR articles and resources by TLC drivers this year.

After a challenging year, 2021 saw New York open back up and TLC drivers get back to earning. By the summer, fares were surging and the number of rides booked through platforms like Uber and Lyft were on the up.

But it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Drivers have had to keep up with changing TLC rules, and the driver shortage has meant riders were sometimes faced with longer wait times. There have been other issues hitting drivers too, like the plans to bring in congestion charging for the busiest parts of Manhattan.

Yet drivers have proved to be resilient despite everything.

Our most-read blogs of 2021 show there are some common themes sparking your interest. These include airport pick-ups, the best electric vehicles for Uber, and, for new drivers, the process of getting TLC plates in the first place.

At INSHUR, we’ve also kept you up-to-date on the need-to-know issues that affect your business, such as the U-turn on new electric vehicles, what to think about with Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, and many more.

Read on to see our list of the top 10 INSHUR blogs for TLC drivers during 2021.

10) Five useful apps for rideshare drivers

There are some great apps out there nowadays to help you as a driver. From navigation and tracking your earnings to entertainment and discounts, there’s an app for it.

Here’s our round-up of some of the apps that can make driving life better in a variety of different ways.

9) Car exercises for rideshare drivers

As a rideshare driver, the job mostly requires you to be seated, so fitting exercise into your work routine may feel impossible. But there are ways you can turn your wait time between trips into a workout.

Here we share some useful tips on driving posture and car exercises, to help you look after your physical and mental health while on the job and parked up.

8) What you need to know about Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

One of the only ways to get a new TLC license is with a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, or WAV. In this blog, we set out the things you need to consider if you’re looking at driving a WAV, some rough running costs and where you might find wheelchair users in need of a ride.

7) Best cars for Uber drivers in New York City

Choosing which vehicle is best for you and your rideshare work is a big decision. We look at the new cars available for the New York market and narrow them down to the best 10 cars for driving UberX.

6) What next after the electric vehicle license U-turn?

The TLC’s decision to stop issuing new for-hire licenses for electric vehicles came as a bit of a surprise, given New York City’s green pledges and environmentally-friendly commitments.

This blog features a brief rundown of what changed and what this means in practice if you already have a TLC license. There’s also some extra info on what to do if you are hoping to get one.

5) Where do you pick up Uber riders at LaGuardia, Newark and JFK?

As the title suggests, this blog has the information you need on where to pick up riders from New York’s main airports.

It also includes details of the designated waiting areas, and the things that Uber drivers need to be aware of on airport trips.

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4) Where do you pick up Uber riders at Newark airport?

Continuing the theme, if you’re interested in Newark Liberty International Airport only, this has the details you need.

It covers the correct waiting and pick-up areas for drivers – you may incur fines for trying to pick up riders elsewhere.

3) How much does an Uber driver make in New York City?

This blog looks at how the cost of a ride is calculated, average fares per ride, and estimated weekly gross income. It also talks about the costs which need to be factored in and the average hourly rate you can expect as an Uber driver.

2) Best electric cars for Uber

This year we saw a continued push to switch to electric vehicles and a greener planet. So this blog is a great starting point if you’re thinking about getting an electric vehicle.

We have the lowdown on the features to look for, like range, charging and performance, and share our top 10 list of the best all-electric cars for UberX.

1) Getting TLC plates explained in 6 easy steps

Our most-read blog of the year walks new drivers through the process of getting TLC plates, starting with buying or leasing an approved vehicle all the way through to registering and scheduling an inspection if needed.

It also includes support on getting the required insurance, both the minimum cover needed and when you might want to think about higher coverage.


At INSHUR, we like to help our drivers however we can. Check out more of our blogs and resources here. And for quick TLC insurance that’s designed with drivers in mind, quote with INSHUR today.

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