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Insurance for the commercial auto industry.
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Smart Insurance for the Commercial Auto Industry

INSHUR protects the industries that power the new global economy. Where consumers demand food, parcels, and rides on their terms. Our approach means vehicles, packages, and passengers are protected by smart, data-led insurance in minutes. 

Food / parcel


Courier / delivery






INSHUR is a 100% digital provider. You can quote, buy and renew your policy via our app or online. There’s no paperwork, forms to fill out, or long waiting times on the phone.

If you’re in the Netherlands, visit INSHUR’s Netherland’s section to get your coverage quickly and easily online. 

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  • Navigating New Tax Rules for Uber & Private Hire Drivers

    Navigating New Tax Rules for Uber & Private Hire Drivers

    All businesses operating through digital platforms are required to collect information on their workers. This includes details regarding the money they make, and whether taxes should be paid. Whether you work a side hustle or you’re a full-time gig economy worker, you’re likely to be impacted. His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are closing in…

  • Uber Exec vs Uber Lux: How Can Uber Drivers Earn More?

    Uber Exec vs Uber Lux: How Can Uber Drivers Earn More?

    No one is killing the private hire rideshare game like Uber. Uber drivers completed over 9 billion trips* globally in 2023 alone. However, growing demand means increased expectations from passengers, in particular luxury rides.  This trend could be a lucrative opportunity for Uber drivers looking to increase their earnings. We look into the premium offerings…

  • Top 5 Vans for Commercial Drivers 2024

    Top 5 Vans for Commercial Drivers 2024

    Being a commercial driver means driving from point A to point Z, and every letter in between, in one day. If you’re working long hours on the road, you’ll need a vehicle that can keep up the pace. A van needs to be a workhorse, whilst having plenty of storage and capacity. It needs to…

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