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Insurance for the commercial auto industry.
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Choose the insurance that’s right for the way you work all contained in one simple policy.

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Purchase or renew a policy, make live changes and access all of your documents whenever you need.

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We’re backed by some of the most trusted global insurance companies so you know you can rely on our protection.

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Fair and competitive rates that are only available directly from us. With no hidden fees or extra charges.


Smart Insurance for the Commercial Auto Industry

INSHUR protects the industries that power the new global economy. Where consumers demand food, parcels, and rides on their terms. Our approach means vehicles, packages, and passengers are protected by smart, data-led insurance in minutes. 

Food / parcel


Courier / delivery






INSHUR is a 100% digital provider. You can quote, buy and renew your policy via our app or online. There’s no paperwork, forms to fill out, or long waiting times on the phone.

If you’re in the Netherlands, visit INSHUR’s Netherland’s section to get your coverage quickly and easily online. 

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    Top 5 Must-Have Apps for Uber and Private Hire Drivers

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