Getting TLC plates explained in 6 easy steps

Getting TLC plates explained in 6 easy steps

In New York City, the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) licenses drivers and vehicles to carry fare-paying passengers.

(Updated Nov 2022)

Having a TLC driver’s license grants drivers the authority to transport passengers using a TLC licensed vehicle. You can spot a TLC licensed vehicle by the presence of special TLC plates. The plates let passengers know that the vehicle they are about to travel in is legally licensed by the TLC and has passed mechanical inspection, providing valuable reassurance to the potential passenger.

So, how do you get your TLC plates? Assuming you have paid off any outstanding parking, traffic or TLC tickets, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Purchase or lease an approved vehicle

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The first step is to buy or lease an approved vehicle. Since August 2018, the TLC has stopped issuing new licenses to regular for-hire vehicles (FHV). Currently there are two exceptions to this: 

  • If your car or van is wheelchair accessible.
  • If you’re in a lease-to-own agreement.

TLC has given no expiry date for the current cap on new vehicle licenses. To read more about the vehicles exempt from this cap, click here

This rule means you should think carefully about the vehicle you buy. Will you choose a wheelchair friendly vehicle? What about budget, and fuel efficiency? If you’re looking for some guidance, have a look at our pick of the best cars for private hire. Whichever vehicle you choose, keep your bill of sale or lease agreement in a safe place because you’ll need it for insurance purposes.

The TLC splits the vehicles it licenses into three different classes: black car, livery, or limousine. You can find out more about TLC insurance with INSHUR here. App companies like Uber, Lyft and Gett typically fall into the ’black car’ base category. If you’re aiming to drive for one of these companies, make sure you purchase a vehicle that they will accept on their platform. For instance, you can see Uber’s vehicle requirements here

Step 2: Select a TLC base to affiliate with

You will need to affiliate your vehicle with a TLC-approved dispatch base. A dispatch base is the company you effectively drive for and that connects you to passengers seeking a ride. This can be a traditional for-hire business, or private hire companies such as Uber, Lyft and Gett. These large organisations typically have their own TLC registered black car bases.

Contact the base of your choosing to get what is known as a base letter. The base letter is a certified document that states which base you intend to affiliate with (which means the one you’ll drive for).

From the time a dispatch base, such as Uber, submits a base letter for your vehicle, you have seven days to submit your vehicle license application online at: You need proof of insurance at the time of registration, so you will need to act quickly to get insurance cover.

Step 3: Purchase TLC minimum required insurance

If your vehicle seats 8 or fewer people, you will need to purchase bodily injury liability insurance with minimum limits of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident in bodily injury liability, $200,000 in no-fault coverage and $10,000 in property damage liability.

Be aware that the limits are minimum levels of insurance and it’s sometimes advisable to purchase higher coverage. Keep in mind that the TLC doesn’t require collision coverage, although it may make sense for you to purchase it. Ask yourself, can you afford to have your vehicle repaired if it’s involved in a collision?

Once your policy is issued, you will receive an FH1 (for-hire vehicle certificate), a certificate of insurance naming the TLC as a certificate holder and a declaration page showing your levels of coverage. These documents will be securely emailed to you. Keep in mind that it may take a few days to process your application at the TLC, so pick an appropriate date to start your policy.

Step 4: Prepare your TLC vehicle license application

You will now need to gather several documents to obtain your TLC vehicle license. You can find the complete list here. Your insurance requirements will be satisfied with the documents you will receive from INSHUR.

Step 5: Submit TLC vehicle application

Once you have your documents prepared, you are now ready to submit the application to the TLC. Note that you can no longer submit documents in person at the TLC. You must file all the required documents online at

Select ‘apply for a new license’ and select ‘vehicle’, then follow the instructions to upload the required documents. Once your application is processed you will be provided with a plate letter via TLC UP. This letter allows you to register your car at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), where you will receive your plates and registration. The plate letter is only valid for 20 days from the date of issue.

Step 6: Get your TLC plates and schedule an inspection (if needed)

Within 20 days of receiving your plate letter, visit the DMV to register your vehicle. Take the plate letter and your INSHUR insurance documents to any DMV location to register and get your TLC plates. You will then need to notify the TLC of your plates by filing the Plate Notification Form on TLC UP. Attach the plates to your vehicle and make sure you upload a copy of your registration to us.

If you purchase a used vehicle with more than 500 miles on the odometer, you’ll also need to schedule a mechanical inspection. TLC will email you and post on TLC UP to let you know your inspection appointment date. You can read the inspection requirements here. 

Inspections are carried out at BQE TLC 24-55 BQE West, Woodside, NY 11377. Make sure your vehicle has a Vision Zero sticker on the windshield and, if you have a BEV, place Green NYC stickers on both sides of the rear of the car. (Ask your affiliated base for these decals).

Lastly, the TLC requires you to maintain insurance on your vehicle to keep your TLC plate active. Make sure to get your TLC insurance quote in minutes with us. 

And that’s it! Your newly TLC licensed vehicle is now ready to hit the road and you’re ready to start making money.


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