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INSHUR is an online service, providing Uber preferred TLC cover in New York City and Livery Coverage in Arizona. You can quote, buy and renew your policy online.

No paperwork.
No forms.
No terrible hold music.
Just quick and easy coverage.

Our top-rated multi-lingual teams are here to help in English and Spanish.

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Why drivers trust INSHUR

Coverage in minutes

Easy online secured insurance so Uber drivers can get driving and earning fast.

Flexible Payments

We offer our customers flexible payment options so you can save by paying for your cover in full for the year ahead or spread the cost over the year with monthly installments.

Preferred by Uber

We’ve been working in collaboration with Uber since 2018 and we’re proud to be officially endorsed by them in 2023.

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    Busting the Top 5 Rideshare Myths 💥

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    TLC Driver Training – What You Need to Know 👨🏽‍🏫

    TLC drivers must complete specific training to renew and keep their license.  Here’s what you need to know about the new rules, approved training centres and where you can get more information.  There’s a lot more to being a rideshare driver than knowing your local area. Drivers need to be on top of many things:…

  • Top 10 Best Used Electric Cars For Uber Drivers

    Top 10 Best Used Electric Cars For Uber Drivers

    It’s more than 150 years since the first electric cars appeared. However, once they were eclipsed by the cheaper, more powerful and easier to fuel combustion engine, battery-powered vehicles faded away. But that was then.


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