Where Do You Pick Up Uber Riders At Newark Airport?

Where Do You Pick Up Uber Riders At Newark Airport?

 Newark has one Uber driver waiting area.
 Drivers must be in the waiting area to get ride requests.
 Rides can only be picked up on the arrivals concourse at the terminals.
 Trying to pick-up elsewhere may incur fines.

When it comes to providing rides to people who fly, Uber has made large strides to make the process as simple as possible for drivers and passengers alike.

Designated waiting and pick up areas
have been organised at all New York airports. Last time, we looked at JFK and La Guardia. Below, we
review Newark Liberty International.


Waiting area.
Uber uses one driver waiting area at Newark. It is geo-located, which means it’s the only area where
you’ll receive pick-up requests. The waiting zone is signposted The Rideshare Lot. You can wait there
for a maximum of four hours. If you leave the Rideshare Lot and then come back, you’ll lose your slot
in the ride-request line. New York drivers will be offered rides that go back to the city. NJ drivers
receive ride offers that head into New Jersey. Note that it is forbidden to wait for rides elsewhere on
airport property. Citations and fines wait for drivers who ignore the warnings.

Pick-up area.

Newark Airport only allows taxi pick-ups in the arrivals area at the terminals. The Uber app informs
drivers where their ride is waiting as they approach the terminal complex. If the arrivals area is very
busy and you cannot locate your ride, call or send them a message via the Uber app.


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