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Where Do You Pick Up Uber Riders at JFK and La Guardia?

 JFK has two Uber partner driver waiting areas.
 Partner drivers must be in the waiting areas to get ride requests.
 Riders can only be picked up at JFK terminal arrivals areas.
 La Guardia has four Uber partner driver waiting areas.
 Partner drivers must be in the waiting areas to get ride requests.
 Riders can only be picked up at LGA terminal arrivals and Terminal B West Parking.

Uber’s concerns go further than mere ground transport. They’re interested in air traffic too.

Or, more specifically, the people who fly and how they get to or from the airport. Uber has made large
strides to make this as simple as possible for drivers and riders alike. Designated waiting and pick up
areas have been organised at all New York City airports. Below, we look at JFK and La Guardia. Next
time, we’ll take a peek at Newark International.

JFK Waiting area.

Uber uses two waiting areas at JFK. They’re designated for FHV and on the fringes of the airport
campus. One is called the Cell Phone Lot and the other is the Limo Lot. Uber partner drivers can wait in
either area to receive the same ride offers. However, if you leave these zones and then come back,
you’ll lose your slot in the ride-request line. Uber’s geo-location system means these are the only
areas where you’ll receive pick-up requests. Facilities are bare to none. Parking is free for the first
three hours.

Pick-up areas.

Partner drivers are only allowed to pick up riders at the arrivals level of each terminal. You absolutely
cannot pick up passengers elsewhere, including the terminal drop-off zones. Doing so may incur a
citation and fine. Uber does not compensate drivers for such penalties. Riders receive instructions
via the Uber app which tells them to go to arrival concourse and wait for their driver. The arrivals
areas at all JFK terminals are usually very busy. If you cannot find your rider easily, call them or send
them a message via the Uber app.

La Guardia Waiting area.

Uber uses four geo-located driver waiting areas at La Guardia. These are the only places you will get ride requests. The zones have varying parking times and rules. Amenities are bare to none. The actual waiting areas and their parking regulations are:
For Terminal A requests: Long Term Parking (P10)/B Wait Area. Free parking for up to three hours.
For Pool, UberX, and UberXL Terminal B requests: Terminal B Parking Garage, Levels 2, 3, or 4. 60 minutes free parking.
For Black and SUV Terminal B requests: the designated area in the P10 in Terminal A. There are 50 parking spots available. If all are full, wait in a different zone or off-airport for a ride.
For Terminals C and D: Terminal C/D FHV waiting area. Free parking for up to three hours.

Pick-up areas.

Once again, there are strict rules on where to collect passengers. Citations and fines are waiting for those who try to pick-up elsewhere. Actual pick-ups can only be made at the following places:
Terminals A, C, D – at each terminal’s arrivals concourse. The Uber app will show you your rider’s name and which terminal they will be waiting at.
Terminal B – Riders meet their driver on the 2nd floor of the Terminal B West Parking Garage. This is the same as the waiting area for this terminal. Please do not wait in the collection lanes until you have a request for a pick-up. If the pick-up areas are crowded and you cannot locate your rider, call or send them a message via the Uber app.

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