Five useful apps for rideshare drivers

Five useful apps for rideshare drivers

We all rely on our smartphones and devices in daily life, and the world of rideshare is no different. There are some great apps out there nowadays to help you as a driver, or just serve to make your life that much easier. 

From navigation and tracking your earnings to entertainment and discounts, there’s an app for it. 

Here’s our round-up of some of the apps that can make driving life better in a variety of different ways. 



While the Uber Driver app has built-in navigation, you’re free to choose another navigation system if you prefer. 

Waze is a mapping app that’s been part of Google since 2013, and works by giving drivers accurate directions and real-time traffic information. It receives data from users who are currently driving, but users can also actively contribute real-time information. 

This might be road closures, speed traps or anything that can affect how long a trip will take. 

Because it’s community-driven, Waze should give you the best and fastest routes – making it good for riders and good for you. It also integrates with Spotify (more on that later). 

Unfortunately, you do have to use your mobile data when using Waze, unless your vehicle has Wi-Fi built in. If you have a low data plan with your phone, Google Maps might be a better option, as it only needs data for starting or changing trips.

Watch below for The Rideshare Guy’s take on Google Maps vs Waze:

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Download Waze (compatible with iPhones and Android phones)



Gridwise describes itself as the ‘ultimate rideshare and delivery assistant’.

It has several features to help rideshare drivers, such as:

  • Tracking mileage
  • Analyze and compare earnings and performance
  • Taxes and expenses support
  • Ability to switch between rideshare apps
  • Airport alerts
  • Events and alerts

Gridwise works by collecting data from a few places, such as traffic services, social media, weather, events and local news. It also uses data from its own network of driver users. 

According to Gridwise, around 40,000 drivers are using the app, including for things like best times and days to drive and to be alerted to busy pickup locations such as major events and concerts. 

Download Gridwise (compatible with iOS and Android)


There’s nothing like a bit of music to lift your mood, or a podcast to break up the wait between riders. With millions of tracks and episodes to choose from, there’s plenty of music or podcasts to match your mood. 

You can listen for free or subscribe. Create your own playlists or browse through the collections of artists you follow or friends and family. And if there’s too much choice, Spotify can curate your listening for you. 

If you’re after something to help you power through your work day (or night), check our specially curated Uber driver playlist, chosen by drivers for drivers. 

Sign up/download Spotify (compatible with iOS, Android, Microsoft and Amazon devices)


GasBuddy tells drivers what the cheapest gas price is and where the best stations are. 

By signing up to the free GasBuddy gas card, you also get access to exclusive deals with savings of up to 25¢ on every gallon.

It works at thousands of gas stations nationwide and can be used at the pump like any form of payment.  

Download GasBuddy (compatible with iPhones and Android phones)


HONK is a way drivers can request towing or roadside assistance services, either through the website or via the app.

It offers a digital way of calling for help if your vehicle breaks down, needs a jump start or gets a flat tire, as well as if you’re locked out of your car, or if you run out of fuel or need a tow.

You don’t need a membership or online profile to use HONK’s services either. If you need roadside assistance you’ll just be asked for a few details like the service you need, what kind of car you have and where you are.

To request help, visit

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