Hassle-Free Vehicle Insurance With INSHUR 💪

Hassle-Free Vehicle Insurance With INSHUR 💪

Getting insurance as a taxi, courier or food delivery driver can be difficult. The journey to get on the road can be long and complicated. The time you spend waiting for insurance documents is valuable, that’s why INSHUR are here to take the headache out of getting your insurance. With INSHUR, you can get a hassle-free flexible policy directly from your smartphone in minutes.

We believe the insurance industry hasn’t kept up with the way drivers get their work. Drivers are still expected to use brokers for their insurance, involving a lot of phone calls, forms and, above all else, waiting. 

It’s time for a change.

With INSHUR, taxi, courier and food delivery drivers can now get a hassle-free insurance quote and a policy in minutes from their smartphone.

Why does it take so long to get insurance for taxi, courier and food delivery drivers?

So you’ve signed up to drive for a rideshare app or deliver parcels and/or food using your phone. It doesn’t make sense that the process to get insurance is so slow and lengthy, does it?

Our insurance products let you quickly jump through the usual hoops, enabling you to get on the road and earning quickly.

Being simple and hassle-free is what sets us apart from other providers. Currently, getting an insurance quote takes so long because there are so many stages to the process. Let’s take a look at what the current typical process involves:

  • You visit or call a broker to get insurance for your vehicle
  • The broker contacts several insurance companies on your behalf to see what rates and deals are available for you
  • The insurance companies respond to the broker (this can take a while, as you’re waiting for companies to provide their best offers)
  • The broker receives the information from the insurance companies and contacts you
  • You choose the policy you want (if you have any questions, the broker must go back to the insurance company again)
  • You wait an average of 3-7 days to receive the documents from the insurance company. During this time you’ve not been able to work.

Sometimes this process can be even more complicated. If you’re using a price comparison site to find your insurance product, you could be dealing with several brokers as well!

Getting hassle-free insurance made simple: How it works

We know you want to get insured quickly and in a way that suits you. Our private hire, courier and food delivery insurance products provide cover for 30 days or annually with flexible payment options available  so you can work flexibly around your other work and life commitments. 

As our platform is online, you can get a quote and policy at any time of the day or night. You don’t have to call us, so you can get insured and start driving whenever. Our data-led pricing is optimised to bring you a fair price, while our friendly bot Ami guides you through the process. We email the documents to you as soon as you purchase your insurance and if you drive for Uber, we will share your insurance documents with them automatically so you don’t have to. 

Whilst we’re a digital insurer, it’s important that you are given the assistance you require when purchasing insurance. Should you have queries at any stage of the process, our driver support team are here for you. You can contact us via the Contact Us page, or use our Helpdesk for FAQs. 

What level of cover do couriers and food delivery drivers get with INSHUR?

At INSHUR we believe in getting hassle-free insurance whenever and wherever you need it. With our 30-day cover, drivers can deliver parcels and food on a flexible basis. Our annual policies suit drivers who are delivering on a more regular basis.

All of our easy insurance policies for couriers and food delivery include:

  • SD&P (Social, Domestic & Pleasure)
  • Business cover
  • Multi-platform deliveries
  • Courier and/or food delivery cover, depending on the nature of your business

With a few clicks, you tell us the kind of work you do and we provide a quote straight to your smartphone. Get your personalised quote here.

Note – The above does not apply to Amazon Flex drivers.

What level of cover do private hire drivers/taxi get with INSHUR?

Our private hire cover offers the same flexibility, so you can cover for as long as you need with our 30-day cover option. At the end of the 30 days, you are free to renew or stop your cover. Or if you drive regularly, save on your premium by paying once for the year ahead or save with fixed monthly payments through premium finance.

All of our easy insurance policies for private hire include:

  • SD&P (Social, Domestic & Pleasure)
  • Build no claims discount on all policies (including 30 days with no gaps in cover)
  • No claims discount protection (optional 4+ years)
  • Cover includes all private hire platforms, food delivery and personal use
  • Our Comprehensive Plus policies include plated replacement vehicles
  • Uber drivers get personalised quotes based on your driving score and free Instadoc upload

With a few clicks, you tell us the kind of work you do and we provide a quote straight to your smartphone. Get your personalised quote here.

Why choose INSHUR for your taxi, courier and/or food delivery insurance?

We’ve experienced great success with our insurance products, with a market-leading ‘Excellent’ score on Trustpilot. As INSHUR expands into new territories, we’re also expanding our products to meet the needs of the market. The modern driver wants speed and flexibility and we’re bringing that to drivers with all the experience we have in this area and the support of our partners.

We’ve put drivers at the centre of our products, using technology to make insurance quick, easy and fair. Here are just a couple of the great reviews we’ve received from drivers:

Very good system easy to use and they have created economical insurance for us delivery drivers who rely on their income, to support family” – Trustpilot review, 24th April 2023

Best food delivery insurance company. Their helpline service is the best in which they respond to your every difficulty within minutes.” – Trustpilot review, 24th April 2023

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