INSHUR takes the hassle out of getting insurance

INSHUR takes the hassle out of getting insurance

At INSHUR we’ve noticed that getting insurance as a courier or food delivery driver can be difficult. You’re expected to go through a long and often complicated process just to get on the road. That’s why we’re taking the hassle out of getting your insurance. With INSHUR, you can get a flexible policy from your smartphone in minutes so you can start driving and earning money.

INSHUR believes that the insurance industry hasn’t kept up with the way drivers get their work. Drivers are still expected to get their insurance through a broker, which involves a lot of phone calls, forms and, above all else, waiting. 

We believe the time you spend waiting for insurance documents is valuable and could be spent driving and earning, which is why INSHUR is here to take the hassle out of getting your insurance.

With INSHUR, couriers and food delivery drivers can now get an insurance quote and a policy in minutes from their smartphone.

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Why does it take so long to get insurance for couriers and food delivery drivers?

When you can sign up to deliver parcels and/or food using just your phone, it doesn’t make sense that the process to get insurance is so slow and lengthy, does it?

That’s why our new insurance product enables you to skip the queues, the phone calls and the long waiting times to get on with your busy working day. 

But that’s not what other insurers are offering right now. It currently takes so long to get insurance because there are so many stages to the process. Let’s take a look at what the current typical process involves:

  • You visit or call a broker to get insurance for your vehicle
  • The broker contacts several insurance companies on your behalf to see what rates and deals are available for you
  • The insurance companies respond to the broker (this can take a while, as you’re waiting for several companies to provide their best offers)
  • The broker receives the information from the insurance companies and contacts you
  • You choose the policy you want (if you have any questions, the broker must go back to the insurance company again)
  • You wait an average of 3-7 days to receive the documents from the insurance company so you can get on the road, during which time you’ve not been able to work

Sometimes this process can be even more complicated. If you use a price comparison site to find your insurance product, you could be dealing with several brokers as well!

Getting insurance made simple: How it works

We understand that you want to get insured quickly and in a way that makes sense for the way you work. Our courier and food delivery insurance provides cover for 30 days, meaning you aren’t tied into a year-long contract and you can work flexibly around your other work and life commitments. 

As our platform is online, you can get a quote and policy at any time of the day or night. You don’t have to call up, which means you don’t need to wait for office hours to get insured and start driving. Our data-led pricing is optimised to bring you a fair price and our friendly bot Ami guides you through the process. We email the documents to you as soon as you purchase your insurance.

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We may be a virtual insurer, but it’s important to us that you are given the assistance you require when purchasing insurance. If you have a question at any stage in the process, we have a customer support team available to speak to. 

As our VP Insurance, Ed Hill, says:

“It’s so important for us that we have our Driver Support Team who can support customers when required. As intuitive and easy to use as the platform is, if customers ever have any queries they can call us and we’ll run through it with them”.

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What kind of cover do couriers and food delivery drivers get with INSHUR?

At INSHUR we believe in only getting insurance cover when you need it, and with our 30-day cover, drivers can deliver parcels and food on a flexible basis. 

Normal vehicle insurance usually covers social, domestic and pleasure (SD&P). If you approached your current insurer to use your own vehicle for courier or food delivery work, you’d probably be offered SD&P with business cover, but courier insurance requires a different and more specific kind of cover than a ‘business’ add-on provides.

Our insurance for couriers and food delivery drivers covers cars and vans with:

  • SD&P
  • Business cover
  • Courier and/or food delivery cover, depending on the nature of your business

With a few clicks, you tell us the kind of work you do and we provide a quote straight to your smartphone. Get your quote here.

Why choose INSHUR for your courier and/or food delivery insurance?

We’ve experienced great success with our private hire insurance product, with a market-leading 4.5 ‘Excellent’ score on Trustpilot. As INSHUR grows into new countries, we’re also expanding our products to respond to the need in the market. The modern driver wants speed and flexibility and we’re bringing that to couriers and food delivery drivers with all the experience we have in this area from our private hire insurance product.

We’ve put drivers at the centre of our product, using technology to make insurance quick, easy and fair. Here are just a couple of the great reviews we’ve received from drivers:

Light blue carIt’s just great, easy and straightforward, it’s the best in this pandemic time” – Trustpilot review, 17th February 2021


Light blue carExcellent insurance company, very quick, easy to set up everything, couldn’t ask for more” – Trustpilot review, 2nd March 2021

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