Food Delivery and Courier Insurance Launch – INSHUR

Food Delivery and Courier Insurance Launch – INSHUR

We’re excited to announce the launch of INSHUR’s new insurance product which will get couriers and food delivery drivers insured and on the road in minutes.

Here at INSHUR, we’ve experienced great success with our private hire insurance product, which enables drivers to get an insurance policy entirely online without having to visit a broker’s office or pick up the phone. We’ve put drivers at the center of our product, using technology to make insurance quick, easy and fair.

We’ve insured tens of thousands of private hire drivers and have earned an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot. Building on this success, we’ve expanded our product range to cater to the ever-increasing market of couriers and delivery drivers who are powering the new world economy.

With INSHUR, couriers and delivery drivers can now get insurance coverage in minutes from their smartphone so they can get on the road and start earning.

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The way drivers get insurance is outdated

You probably know as well as we do that getting insurance cover as a courier, delivery or private hire driver can be a hassle. Our VP of Insurance, Ed Hill, summarises the experience of getting insurance without INSHUR. “You go into a broker or ring them up, they take all your details, you then have to wait while the broker goes to the insurer to get a price, and eventually they come back to you with terms. It takes forever and can be a complete nightmare for customers.”

Sound familiar? At INSHUR we want to get you on the road and don’t believe you should have to park up at a broker’s office and fill in lots of forms to get insured. That’s why we’ve tipped the process on its head, so you can not only get a quote, but also a full policy online in minutes.

How courier and delivery insurance works

A lot of us don’t know where our lives and businesses will be in a couple of months, let alone a year. At INSHUR we believe in only getting insurance cover when you need it, and with our 30 day cover, drivers can deliver parcels and food on a flexible basis. 

You might be thinking, “surely I can just tag extra cover onto my additional vehicle insurance policy to be covered for delivery?” While some companies allow you to tag on extra cover, it can get complicated being covered by two parties. If an accident occurs, it can be difficult to know who you should approach to claim. It’s possible responsibility will be pushed around between parties, meaning it takes too long for you to be compensated.

All of this takes up time that could be spent earning, which is why INSHUR has stepped in to simplify the process.

Normal vehicle insurance usually covers social, domestic and pleasure (SD&P) as standard. If you were to approach your current insurer to use your own vehicle for courier or delivery work, you’d likely be offered SD&P with business cover, but courier insurance requires a different and more specific kind of cover than a ‘business’ add-on can provide.

Our new product covers both cars and vans with SD&P, business and courier and/or food delivery cover depending on the nature of your business. With a few clicks, you tell us the kind of work you do and we provide a quote straight to your smartphone. Get your quote here.

What sets INSHUR apart from the rest

INSHUR is putting drivers first, disrupting the world of the traditional broker with our innovative online platform to make it easy for drivers to get a quote and an insurance policy within minutes. It’s our mission to get drivers insured and earning quickly, leveraging our technology to make the experience of insuring your vehicle as easy and hassle-free as possible.

You can get a quote, view your policy and renew your insurance all in one place, putting you in the driver’s seat in every sense of the word.

Here are just a couple of the great reviews we’ve received from drivers:

Light blue carWow, awesome, fantastic… So far one of the easiest insurance services platforms I have used. Forget the old way of getting insurance, cumbersome, intrusive, besides expending hours trying to find some best deals online you ring a person to get a quote and going through everything. For me, I will be using this company for taxi insurance and I would recommend to anyone.” 

Jose M. 25/1/2021 via Trustpilot

Light blue car“ I needed a vehicle insurance asap and Inshur was very helpful. The process was quick and support was easily provided when needed during the application process.”  

Charles A. 27/12/2020  via Trustpilot

See how INSHUR can save you time and money

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