Get insurance for Amazon Flex UK, from £0.22 per hour

Only pay for the hours you drive in each block – includes travel to and from Amazon pick up locations.

Get your Amazon Flex insurance policy from INSHUR online today.

Deliver for multiple companies?

Need cover for multiple delivery companies with Social, Domestic and pleasure use included?

Check out our Multiple Delivery policy here.

What insurance do you need?

I need supplementary vehicle insurance for commercial use (Hire and Reward) when driving for Amazon:

Pay As You Flex

From £0.22 per hour

Duration: 90 day policy where you only pay for the hours you drive for Amazon

Payment: Pay only for blocks when you’re delivering using the virtual wallet

Correct Cover: Vehicle insurance for commercial use whist you’re delivering packages and parcels (known as – carriage of goods for hire and reward)

“No Claims Discounts” do not apply to this policy

Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) insurance not included and you will need to check your SD&P cover to make sure this top-up cover is allowed

Courtesy car for SD&P use available for the duration of repairs after an accident (Comprehensive policies only)

I deliver for multiple companies (including Amazon) or I need cover with built-in Social, Domestic and Pleasure use:

Courier Insurance

30-day or annual policies from £98 per month

Duration: Monthly or annual coverage options

Payment: Monthly payment on 30-day policies or save on your premium with annual policies with a choice of annual payment or monthly instalments using premium finance

Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) insurance included for driving when you’re not delivering

Covers courier, fast food and grocery delivery

No Claims Discount, no gaps in cover
(Optional, 4+ years)

Courtesy car for SD&P use available for the duration of repairs after an accident (Comprehensive policies only)

Get your Amazon Flex insurance quote online

Get your Amazon Flex quote now!
All you need is your driver’s licence, vehicle details, and the details of your existing Social Domestic and Pleasure (SD&P) policy.

Only pay for the blocks you drive with our Flex insurance cover. Work when it suits you – hourly rates from just £0.22 per hour.

Pay as you Flex Insurance

Our cheapest policy
on Amazon Flex

Our Pay As You Flex cover gives you the freedom to drive when it suits you – with hourly rates from £0.22 per hour.

Your automatic 
top-up cover

Set up your wallet with a deposit of 40 hours to get started. We will automatically top up your wallet to 40 hours when you drop below 16 hours to ensure you remain covered.

Only pay for the
hours you drive

Our cheapest policy ensures that you only pay for the blocks you drive with Amazon.

Insurance designed with Amazon drivers in mind.

Just like Amazon Flex offers you the freedom and flexibility to earn money on your own schedule, our insurance offers flexibility ensure you only pay for the time you’re driving.

With our Flex insurance, you only pay for the number of blocks you drive – including travel times to and from Amazon pick-up locations.

An existing underlying Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SD&P) insurance is required. This must allow top-up cover for the carriage of goods for Hire and Reward. Please speak to your current provider if you are unsure if your policy allows this.

What type of cover will I have?
You can choose from basic levels of insurance that meet minimum legal requirements (Third Party Only) or enhanced levels of cover (Comprehensive). Get a quote to find out more.

Already have an INSHUR 30-day or annual delivery policy?
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