Why your Uber star rating is important and how you can improve it

Why your Uber star rating is important and how you can improve it

One of the most important things as an Uber driver is to keep your star rating as high as possible. If your rating has recently gone down, you’ll need to work hard to improve this, because if your average star rating remains low for an extended period Uber can remove you from their platform.

Below, we explain how Uber ratings work and what you can do to improve yours.

How the Uber rating system works

After every trip, both the rider and the driver are given an opportunity to rate each other between one and five stars based on their trip experience. Passengers often review drivers the second they step out of the vehicle, so it’s crucial to make your ride a pleasant experience and to be friendly and pleasant when meeting and dropping off your rider. For more tips on improving your customer’s experience, have a look at our top tips.

Riders also have the ability to rate drivers mid-trip and can choose pre-selected comments or compliments, such as ‘Clean and Tidy’, or ‘Nice Tunes’.

Ratings are anonymous, so you aren’t able to see the individual riders or trips that they are related to. But, your overall star rating can be seen by riders before and during their trip. Your overall star rating is calculated as an average of your last 500 trips, or your total number of rides if they are less than 500. 

You can find your average rating, feedback and compliments in your Driver app. Just click the menu icon in the upper left corner, then click your profile photo and then select the average rating under your name for more details. This is the number you should be focused on and want to keep as high as possible. 

What counts as a low Uber driver star rating?

Any lower than 4.6 could be a potential issue, because it’s at this point that Uber can consider deactivating your account. Consistent low ratings are monitored by Uber. If your score remains low for an extended period, Uber may cancel your account or ban you from working with them.

This is why it’s so important that you know how you can improve your rating. Plus, a higher average rating can mean more rides, fares and tips.

Driver Rewards with Uber Pro (available in Europe)

With Uber Pro, the higher your status, the more rewards you unlock. Your status is determined by the quality of your service along with your trip points over a fixed 3-month period. You can see all the UK Uber Pro benefits here

With INSHUR, a high score can even lead to a better price on your insurance

How can I improve my Uber rating?

There is always room for improvement and, even if you’ve achieved your 5.0*, you’ll want to make sure you maintain it. So, how can you become a five-star Uber driver? We’ve found the best tips and advice from drivers, riders and industry sources to create our all-you-need-to-know guide here, which includes: 

  • Driving dos and don’ts
  • Rider experience tips
  • In-car extra ideas
  • Clean car tips
  • Advice on making the rider’s experience pleasant and memorable

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