How Much Does an Uber Eats Delivery Driver Make in the UK?

How Much Does an Uber Eats Delivery Driver Make in the UK?

Are you looking for a side hustle for extra income in the UK? Are you thinking of becoming an Uber Eats delivery driver?

With the cost of living crisis, incomes are more squeezed than ever. Delivering for Uber Eats and other fast food delivery apps can be a flexible and fruitful option. 

But just how lucrative can being a Uber Eats delivery driver be?

Things to Know

Before you sign up, make sure you’re familiar with the requirements for Uber Eats. 

You must be over 18 and hold a full UK driver’s license. If you’re using your own vehicle (car, scooter, bike) it must meet Uber’s minimum standards.

If you choose to drive, you must make sure you have valid tax, insurance and full MOT certificate.

These criteria will be standard across the different fast-food delivery apps and are not exclusive to Uber. Therefore it’s a good idea to check you have everything you need no matter which fast food delivery app you choose.

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Potential Earnings

Uber don’t publish numbers directly on their site, so take the following with a pinch of salt!

However, on average the hourly rate for an Uber Eats driver ranges from £7-£14, or up to £120 per day. Keep in mind that driver salary can differ based on time of day, location, boosts in your area and demand. 

Uber bases your pay for each delivery on 3 main factors:

  • Pick-up fee: every time you visit a new restaurant
  • Drop-off fee: for each separate order you drop-off
  • Per-mile rate: for the total distance from the restaurant to the customer door/drop-off

Online estimates put the total Uber salary anywhere between £13,000 and £32,000 per year working 8 hours, 6 days a week. 

Remember, these amounts are dependent on your location, delivery areas and the hours you choose to work.

Uber will always show delivery fees before you accept or decline an order. This way there are no nasty surprises or short changing!


How To Earn More

Uber Eats offers incentives to help fast food delivery drivers earn more.

Batched Orders

These allow you to deliver two or three orders from the same restaurant at the same time. This saves you repeat trips back to the same location, meaning you’re able to make more money.

Uber will pay you for the miles between each delivery location.


At peak times, you’ll see boosts added to your normal fares. The busier the time, the higher the boost amount. 

This means that during peak hours, you can expect to make more money per delivery.

In the app, you can find a Live Map showing the current boosts for each zone. Up-coming Boosts are in the promotions hub in your app.


Customers can add tips up to 7 days after delivery. Any money made from tips is entirely yours, as Uber Eats doesn’t take a service fee for tips.

You can read more about boosting tips here

Cancelled Orders

If a restaurant cancels the order, it’s likely that you won’t receive any pick-up fee. 

If you cannot locate the customer despite your best efforts, you will still receive your delivery fee.

How Does Uber Eats Pay Delivery Drivers ?

Uber states that drivers receive payments in three ways:

Weekly deposits direct to your bank account

Uber’s pay period runs from Mondays at 4am to the following Monday at 3:59am

Instant Cashout

You can access your earnings instantly when you cash out on the app. You can cash out at any time, up to a maximum of 5 times a day.

Two-day Cashout 

Previously known as Flex Pay, you can get your earnings within two business days if you cash out before 2pm, Monday – Friday. You can cash out anytime, but only once per day.

Note that some banks may take longer to process deposits in your account. Be sure to contact your bank if you think there’s a problem. 


On the Road to Self Employment 🚦

Uber Eats delivery drivers are self-employed contractors. This is the norm across the gig economy industry.

This means you are responsible for your own taxes and for covering your own expenses. 

Uber will notify HMRC when you sign up as a new driver, and will provide them with your details. You will also have to register with HMRC and submit a tax return at the end of each tax year. 

If you know any accountants, now is a good time to give them a call!

Delivery Driver Expenses

We mentioned above that you’re responsible for your own expenses, but what does this mean?

You’ll have to pay for your fuel, MOTs, services and anything else associated with your vehicle. It’s a good idea to have adequate breakdown coverage in case of emergencies too.

You need a phone with a good data plan to receive orders and be online whenever you need. 

After a busy day, there’s nothing worse than a pile of tax returns. So get an accountant on board to help you with expenses. They could help you get some money back on fuel, mobile contracts and mileage. 

Most importantly, you’ll need the right level of insurance. Use INSHUR to get an instant fast food delivery insurance quote. All policies include social & domestic pleasure as standard.

Benefits of Being An Uber Eats Delivery Driver (and other delivery apps)

The biggest draw to driving for Uber is the flexibility. You choose where, when and how often you want to work.

Boosts give you higher earning opportunities, and putting yourself in those areas during peak times can be fruitful. 

Being self-employed means that you’re your own boss – you work for Uber as a contractor. Other than that you’re totally self-empowered!

You don’t need any previous experience or special skills to become an Uber Eats delivery driver. As long as you meet Uber’s criteria for their drivers, you’re good to go.

Lastly, and most importantly, plan ahead and make sure you’ve got the right insurance today. Get an instant online quote with INSHUR and be on the road in minutes.

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