Top 10 blogs of 2021: UK

Top 10 blogs of 2021: UK

The most read INSHUR blogs and resources by private hire drivers this year.

Private hire drivers have had a lot to cope with this year. Through Covid restrictions being turned off and on again, you have worked through it all, adapting into different types of jobs, from carrying people to delivering parcels and food.

Yet despite all that, our most read blogs of 2021 show there are still some common themes that are sparking your interest. As well as changing rules around travel and UK airports, this year drivers have been interested in making the switch to electric vehicles, maximising earnings and what you can do to keep your Uber star rating high.

At INSHUR we’ve also kept you up-to-date on the issues that affect your business, such as the Uber Supreme Court ruling, Heathrow’s new airport drop-off charge, and many more.

So without further ado, here’s our list of the top 10 INSHUR blogs you’ve been reading during 2021.

10) Car exercises for rideshare drivers

As a rideshare driver, the job mostly requires you to be seated, so fitting exercise into your work routine may feel impossible. But there are ways you can turn your wait time between trips into a workout.

Here we share some useful tips on driving posture and car exercises, to help you look after your physical and mental health while on the job and parked up.

9) The benefits of driving an electric vehicle for private hire

Having an electric vehicle can save you money on expenses, and there are a number of green initiatives that reduce the cost of an EV. Plus you’ll be helping the environment in the process.

In this blog, we highlight the benefits of driving an EV for your private hire work and include useful resources so you can decide if switching to an EV is right for you.

8) Heathrow Airport’s new terminal drop-off charge explained

In November, Heathrow became the last major UK airport to charge for dropping off passengers at their requested terminal. Here’s what you need to know about the charge and its effect on private hire drivers.

7) What do you need to know about your private hire vehicle inspection?

Whether you’re applying for your private hire vehicle licence for the first time or simply renewing, you’re likely to have a lot of questions ahead of your vehicle inspection.

This blog should help give you the information you need to make sure the process is a quick, easy and successful one.

6) UK airports during Covid-19: What Uber drivers need to know

The changing travel situation due to the pandemic meant changes to airport rules too. In this blog we set out the major airport drop-off and pick-up points, as well as the Covid steps to follow if you’re entering airports.

5) Uber Supreme Court ruling

In February the UK’s Supreme Court ruled that a group of drivers who earned using the Uber app should have been classified as ‘workers’.

Here we break down what it means to be a worker rather than self-employed, and explain how the court’s decision impacts other Uber drivers.

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4) Why your Uber star rating is important and how you can improve it

One of the most important things as an Uber driver is to keep your star rating as high as possible. In this blog we explain how Uber ratings work and what you can do to improve your’s.

3) How much do Uber drivers make in the UK in 2021?

Obviously, lockdowns have had a huge impact on private hire driver pay. As mentioned above, the Supreme Court case has also changed Uber drivers’ pay and benefits.

Here we crunch the numbers on driver pay and look at some of the ways you can boost your income.

2) Best cars for Uber drivers in the UK

There’s a range of vehicles Uber will accept for UberX, the standard economy service. So how do you choose which one is right for you?

We look at some of the new cars available in the UK and narrow them down to the top 10 for driving UberX.

1) Best electric cars for Uber drivers

This year we saw a continued push to switch to electric vehicles and a greener planet. Our most-read blog of the year is a great starting point if you’re thinking about getting an electric vehicle.

We have the lowdown on the features to look for, like range, charging, and performance, and share our top 10 list of the best all-electric cars for UberX.


At INSHUR, we like to help our drivers however we can. Check out more INSHUR blogs and resources here. And for quick, hassle-free insurance that’s designed with drivers in mind, quote with INSHUR today.

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