The advantages of driving for multiple delivery companies

The advantages of driving for multiple delivery companies

There’s no wonder why working for a food or parcel delivery company is becoming more and more popular. With the rising cost of living and petrol prices, it’s a reliable way to earn and flexible enough for people to choose when and where they work. But can you drive for more than one delivery app? And if so, what are the potential benefits?

The simple answer is yes. In fact, it’s the ideal way to earn more by working more efficiently. Allowing you to pick and choose the top deliveries across multiple platforms. As well as helping you avoid slower shifts with less time spent waiting for requests.

The multi-app sweet spot

The driver market is highly competitive, particularly in large cities. As a result, there may be occasions when you must wait for delivery. Hence why working across numerous apps can improve your earnings. For instance, you could profit from surges in demand at busy times, and one app offers bonuses while another doesn’t.

The ideal situation is to try to keep your mileage and items low in order to keep your money up. Little and often keeps your earnings rolling in and allows you to take advantage of bonuses when they come your way. So try to avoid distant orders, large orders with small pay, and difficult pickup or delivery locations.

The key is ensuring you don’t leave apps running in the background too often. In many cases, after several missed or declined pings, app companies will assume you’re offline and log you out automatically. Too much of leaving an app idle, though, could potentially affect your driver score negatively, so be careful.

What apps could I be driving for?

Bearing in mind that taking on two drops or more simultaneously is against most companies’ T&C’s. However, nothing stops you from finishing one delivery on one app and then accepting another on a different app with higher activity in your area.

If you really wanted to, you could work for Uber Eats, Just Eat, Deliveroo, Hermes, Beelivery, and Amazon Flex. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each.

Driving For Uber Eats

The good stuff:

· If you already work for Uber, signing up for Uber Eats is very easy.

· Customer tips could mean earning 2 to 3 times more than delivery alone.

· With a short delivery-by-delivery basis, you can earn well.

Driving For Just Eat

The good stuff:

· Guaranteed minimum wage, as well as performance bonuses.

· You have access to Just Eat e-bikes if you don’t want to use your vehicle

· Just Eat has worked hard on its algorithm to make delivery time 20% faster. 

Driving For Deliveroo

The good stuff: 

· You get a welcome bonus of £10 before you start, and riders keep their tips.

· With total flexibility, drivers can choose precisely when and where they work.

Driving For Hermes

The good stuff: 

· You’ll rarely have a slow day with a high volume of courier orders.

· Very flexible hours and localised pick-ups and deliveries so you won’t have to drive miles away from your home.

· Driver pay is roughly £10-15 per hour.

Driving For Beelivery

The good stuff:

· Hours and days of the week are entirely flexible. 

· Payment depends on the order size and travel distance but usually ranges from £7 to £20 per delivery. 

· You can use your own vehicle but also opt for a company vehicle.

Driving For Amazon Flex

The good stuff: 

· A driver reserves their delivery time and is given a set quantity of orders.

· Because Amazon is massive and work is consistent, every driver has a weekly schedule but may still choose when and how often they work.

· You must use a 4-door vehicle or van, and earnings are between £12-15 an hour.

Why choose INSHUR? 

Of course, the benefit of INSHUR cover is that no matter who you choose to work for (or how many), you’re covered. If you’re interested in food or parcel delivery, our courier insurance protects you for personal use, or if you want to drive private hire and pick up some delivery shifts while also using your car for personal use, our private hire policy could be right for you.


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