Coronavirus Lockdown: An Uber Driver’s Experience

Coronavirus Lockdown: An Uber Driver’s Experience

Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, INSHUR customer Paulo had been a Private Hire Driver with Uber for 3 years. As a Dad of two, he loves how flexible his job allows him to be.

Like many rideshare drivers, Paulo also enjoys the social side – meeting people and seeing places that he didn’t think he ever would otherwise. He describes being a professional driver as rewarding.

INSHUR asked Paulo to share his experience on how things have changed during the lockdown period, as well as his outlook on his future as an Uber Driver.

What was work like prior to the pandemic?

“January and February were fairly normal, though I did notice that trips seemed to be shorter and weekends weren’t as busy. But once the pandemic really hit and the Government closed schools, pubs, restaurants  and other businesses, I was struggling to get a trip. I was doing 1/3 of my daily takings. That’s when I started to worry a bit.”

How have you coped with lockdown?

As soon I heard about the lockdown, I applied for every job I could think of.” From delivery jobs to supermarket work, anything he could do to support his family, stay on the road and keep earning, and help his local community.

In the meantime Paulo has stayed at home and spent time with his family: “I’m lucky in having a very energetic family, so there’s no boredom. Homeschooling in the morning with the oldest, which can be a bit challenging and she’s missing her teachers. Plus entertaining a 2-year-old is not easy, but luckily we have a garden and the weather has been great.”

Paulo has found lots of things to do in self-isolation. “We play games, my oldest one just learned how to ride her bicycle, paint, watch TV, dance, we bake more and try to be creative with our cooking. We also go for walks in the park for 1 hour so we can run down the kids’ energy.”

How do you feel about the future of rideshare driving?

“I’m thinking of how I’m going to drive once things are lifted. I need to follow the Government and Uber’s advice and take all the right measures for me to go back to driving. I do have some PPE. I will definitely have to disinfect the car after every journey and do a deep clean every day. That will take a bit more of my time.”

It’s important to stay safe whilst driving during the Coronavirus outbreak, to protect your health and the health of others. Keeping positive Paulo says, “I’m hoping to go back to work sometime in June.”


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