Seven Super Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

Seven Super Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

Let’s be honest, you drive Uber to make money. That’s the bottom line. The cash is what it’s all about. This means you want to maximise every ride by getting an all-important tip.

However, one fast way to make sure you never get a tip is to have car that’s grimy and unpleasant for your passenger. The fact is, many of us keep the outside of our cars looking shiny, but we neglect the place we sit. The inside of the vehicle is just as, if not more so, important as that waxed exterior. If you want to give your riders a five-star ride, you want to treat them well, and that calls for a super clean car in and out. Not only will this encourage a big fat tip, it’ll protect the value of your wheels.

So how do you maintain an interior that’s fit for king or queen? Here’s how:

Air Freshener

1. Air Freshener

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how many Uber vehicles go without. Keep the air inside as fresh as a daisy with a delicate scented freshener. Avoid an old-school pine flavour and go for something different like the smell of ocean breeze.

Bonus hint: Don’t get one of those ugly hanging things. Invest in a freshener that slots into a dash air vent for an unobtrusive look.

Cup Holder Liner

2. Cup Holder Liner

This is more for you than your riders, but who wants a sticky film on the bottom of their cup or on their hand? Line your cup holders with a special liner from an auto-store or go cheap and use silicone cupcake liners that you can buy in the supermarket bakery aisle for half the price.

3. Carpet Cleaner for Seat Stains

So, you think carpet cleaner only works on carpets? Think again. Use a 50/50 cleaner/water mix to remove stains from cloth seats. Far more effective than ‘specialist’ fabric seat cleaners, this basic solution makes the dirtiest seats look like new again.

Foam Paint Brush Those Air Vents

4. Foam Paint Brush Those Air Vents

Use one a foam brushes that you can buy at the paint store to clean the gunk out of your air vents. Do this in front and back. If necessary, trim the foam head of the brush with a craft knife to make it a snug fit inside the slots of the vent.

Bonus hint: For tough dust, use a can of compressed-air – the type that you’d usually use to clean a computer. One puff of high-pressure air can blow the stickiest grit away.

5. Put Fabric Floor Mats in the Washing Machine

Floor mats take a pounding and if they’re made of fabric, they get very dirty too. Give ‘em a blast of spray stain-remover (the sort you use on clothes) and then put them in the washing machine on a cold cycle to restore their fluffed and clean look. (Don’t be tempted to tumble dry them though).

6. Use a Swiffer Brush on Surface Dust

Plastic surfaces like the dash and console show every speck of dust, but they’re what riders always see. Keep them spotless with a fast wipe from the Swiffer brush you keep in the glove-box.

Bonus hint: Also keep a Velcro lint-remover handy for a speedy seat clean in between rides.

7. Keep Wet-Wipes on Tap for Smears and Smudges

Nothing looks worse than a smears and smudges across your glass, plastics and seats. Clean them up as soon as they happen with a disposable wet-wipe. Keep the pack in your door pocket to aid a fast response.

Bonus hint: You can buy multi-packs of single-use hand fresheners. Keep them on tap for your best riders as a complimentary perk.

Follow these tips and remember this rule: A clean car makes a happy rider – and a happy rider makes a happy driver. Drive on!


 A clean car interior encourages rider tips
 Use a good quality air freshener
 Line your cup-holders to prevent sticky sludge
 Clean cloth seats with carpet cleaner
 Use a foam paint brush on air-vents
 Put fabric floor mats in the washer
 Swiffer plastic surfaces
 Clean up smears as they happen

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