Thinking of Becoming a Courier or Delivery Driver? 🚙

Thinking of Becoming a Courier or Delivery Driver? 🚙

Courier and parcel delivery driving has never been more popular, with more drivers looking at extra ways to boost their incomes. But what does a day in the life of a parcel delivery driver look like? We’ve rounded up the highlights and challenges of a typical day, see if you have what it takes! 

Drive to the depot

First, you’ll need to collect the parcels you’re delivering from the designated pick-up spot. Be sure you’ve emptied your car or van beforehand, as it’ll fill up quickly!

Collect the goods, load up & plan your day

Once you’ve collected the parcels to be delivered, it’s time to load up and get on the road. You’ll need to plan your route carefully to make sure you don’t waste time.

Ready, set, go!

Before setting off, there are some questions you should ask yourself – for example, are you comfortable? Do you have a bottle of water and have you had a good breakfast? You could be driving for a while therefore it’s important to be focused for the safety of yourself and fellow road users. Once you’re happy, it’s time to go!

Deliver parcels

Now the delivery begins. Don’t forget to follow the protocol of the courier service you’re working for (such as collecting signatures if needed).

Finish up

Congratulations! You’ve finished your deliveries, the rest of the day is yours. You could pick up some additional hours with another company or enjoy your free time.

This vlog from delivery driver Bryony is a great resource if you’re considering becoming a part-time delivery driver. A typical round of 65-70 parcels takes her up to 4 hours, where she earns 50p to £1 for each parcel delivered. 

Note: The ins and outs of your day might vary, but some things will stay the same. For instance, you’ll probably need your own vehicle, a full UK driving licence, and adequate insurance.  Your exact responsibilities will also depend on the delivery service you’re working for. For a handy summary, check out our guide to getting started with parcel delivery.  

What challenges do parcel delivery drivers face?

Now that you know what a typical day might look like, here are some of the challenges of the job to consider.

  • If you’ve got lots of parcels to deliver, your day might be long and busy. In these cases, you’ll need to work well under pressure. 
  • You’ll also need to deal with the trials and tribulations of driving all day, including traffic.
  • Using your own vehicle for work and personal use means you’ll be racking up more miles. You’ll need to make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy.
  • Check whether your fuel is subsidised – many drivers pay for their own fuel, meaning you’ll have to subtract this from your final take-home pay.
  • If you’re self-employed, you’ll be responsible for abiding by the relevant laws, including tax laws. 

It goes without saying that any job can have its stressful moments. But there are also benefits to being a parcel delivery driver.

What are the benefits of being a parcel delivery driver?

In conclusion, if you’ve got a vehicle and some free time, being a parcel delivery driver could be a great way to make some extra cash. As a reminder, here are just some of the benefits of the job.

  • You’ll have the freedom to work when it suits you. One of the greatest perks of being a self-employed driver for brands like Hermes is that you can create your own schedule
  • Different couriers have different payment systems (such as hourly slots with Amazon Flex). So if you work longer hours or deliver more parcels, there’s an opportunity to earn well.
  • You’ll be on the move often, which can be great if you want a job where every day feels different. 
  • There’s lots of support out there for parcel delivery drivers, from influencers to helpful insurance providers.

Tips & tricks for being a courier 

Here are some simple ways to make the job easier and more enjoyable.

  • Most importantly, you should stop for breaks when tired and/or hungry. If you’re driving all day, it’s important to keep your energy and concentration levels up.
  • Maximise your income by working for multiple companies (if your contract allows). You can read more on this in our blog, here.

Get started with INSHUR delivery driver insurance

Adequate insurance is a must when you become a courier or parcel delivery driver, but we recommend not relying on comparison sites. To make sure that you’ve got the appropriate level of protection, choose INSHUR. 

We provide quick quotations created exclusively for working as a courier or private hire driver, giving you the best value for money. Plus, it only takes three minutes to get a quote.

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