Delivery Drivers: Sat Nav VS Smartphone? 🗺️

Delivery Drivers: Sat Nav VS Smartphone? 🗺️

Car navigation systems have generally been thought the safest option for navigation when driving. However, many taxi services opt to use Google Maps or Apple Maps apps on their smartphones.

Nowadays, newer cars come with built-in navigation systems. Smartphones can be connected to these using features such as iOS CarPlay or Android Auto, allowing drivers to control their phone using the car’s in-built system.

Navigating roads as safely and efficiently as possible is essential for delivery drivers. With little time to spare and the pressure of driving in unfamiliar places, you need the most reliable navigation system.

We ask whether the sat nav is still top, or are the best navigation systems now on our smartphones?

Smartphones: Why Do Drivers Use Them?

Many courier drivers are reliant on their smartphones to direct them through their deliveries with many benefits to doing so. Google Maps and Apple Maps apps get regular updates, so the navigation is generally reliable, with the odd hiccup! You can receive real-time updates helping you avoid busy roads and directing you around traffic jams. 

The main drawback of a phone app is that it will only work with a strong and reliable signal. Unless you saved your journey offline, you could find yourself without a route to your destination, with no signal.

Navigation apps often work well with others so you can use the app in the background with voice navigation on. This means you can listen to music using your smartphone and the app will take over when it needs to give you instructions. 

However, having everything on one device can also be risky. Not only is it a problem if you lose your phone, but notifications may interrupt the navigation.

You must also never use your phone whilst driving. Doing so risks endangering other drivers, and hefty fines for using your phone at the wheel.

Sat Navs: Why Do Drivers Use Them?

Sat Nav systems, whether built-in or standalone, are designed for car use. Designed with road safety in mind, they aim to get you on the road in as few clicks as possible. These are essential caveats for courier drivers who spend long hours on the road.

With pre-loaded maps, sat navs don’t rely on a live GPS signal, meaning even in rural areas, you shouldn’t get lost. The main downside is the lack of real-time updates, such as traffic warnings or road works.

A standalone sat nav can be used in any vehicle, removing the need to get used to a new device.

So, Are Sat Navs Or Smartphones Better For Directing Delivery Drivers?

This all comes down to personal choice. Drivers who are used to their sat nav should not rush to change. Traffic updates on sat navigation can be unreliable, therefor you can use the car radio for real-time traffic updates in your area.

Those using smartphones should purchase a car mount so that the screen is easily seen. But make sure it doesn’t obstruct your vision! You can also download the map before you leave or have a backup navigation system in case you lose signal.

Both in-built sat navs, standalone sat navigation systems or smartphone apps can be quick and reliable ways for couriers to get around. Our top advice is to choose the system that makes you feel most safe without becoming a distraction.

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