Introducing our new motorcycle insurance cover

Introducing our new motorcycle insurance cover

Following driver demand, INSHUR is pleased to now offer motorcycle insurance. Specially created for those working as couriers or in food delivery. We spoke to INSHUR’s UK product insurance manager Wayne Thomas to find out a bit more about how motorcycle insurance works and what to expect from your cover. 

Wayne started off by explaining that our motorcycle cover is an extension of the kind of insurance INSHUR provides already, such as private hire insurance for cars and courier insurance forWayne Thomas Picture delivery drivers. 

He says lots of people are coming to INSHUR to get quotes for their motorcycle cover, so it’s great to now be able to offer this to people. 

Wayne says more people are looking for this kind of cover for a couple of reasons. There is more demand for delivery services, whether that’s shopping or takeaways, and so those kinds of companies are growing at a time when people may be looking for work. 

He says:

“During the pandemic, a lot of people, unfortunately, lost work for one reason or another. At the same time, there were the likes of Amazon, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat which saw a boom. A lot of people put that down to Covid. 

“Yet we’re more or less out the other side, and that demand is still happening. In the case of food delivery, people are even more used to that convenience and having something like a restaurant experience while staying at home. This has all meant that more and more people have turned to courier and food delivery jobs, and it helps that it’s quite an easy industry to get into.”

Our motorcycle cover

There are some things worth pointing out before you get a motorcycle insurance quote with us:

  • You have to be at least 23 years old to take out the cover, and no older than 65. 
  • We accept all levels of motorcycle experience including provisional licences, as long as you have a valid CBT.
  • There are no restrictions on the make or model of your vehicle. As long as your vehicle is road legal, we’re happy to offer you cover. 

The insurance itself is designed to be easy to understand so that you can quickly go from getting a quote to buying a policy. 

Wayne says:

“Typically when a driver has to get this type of insurance, they’ll have to phone a broker. The driver will then get asked a series of questions, and be expected to have a lot of information and documents to hand. 

With us, a lot of that process is automated. So just by typing in a driving licence number, we can pull the relevant information like how long you’ve had your licence.”

You can choose to pay once for a year’s worth of cover or if you prefer more flexibility, you can go for the 30-day cover option instead. With the  30-day cover, you have the benefit of pausing and starting your insurance if and when you need it. If you go on holiday or want to take some time out from courier and food delivery work, you don’t need to worry about cancelling a policy and starting a new one. 

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Wayne has been working in insurance for about 11 years and is glad to be working with drivers to give them the kind of insurance and service they want. 

He says:

“What tends to happen is some insurance companies sell what they think is best, rather than giving the power back to the driver and asking them what they want. Obviously, people want a good price, but on top of that we have been doing a lot of work to get insights from drivers to find out what other benefits are valuable to them.”

At INSHUR, we pride ourselves on cutting out the jargon and providing clear, simple cover, and we’ve taken the same approach with our motorcycle cover. 

When you shop for insurance online, you may see references to ‘classes’ of insurance, perhaps with a number like Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3. We think this makes things too complicated.

The only term you need to look out for is ‘carriage of goods for hire and reward’, which is the type of insurance we provide for couriers. 

Wayne says there can be issues further down the line when drivers think they’ve bought the right insurance for their needs, but that turns out not to be the case. 

Another thing to think about is claims. If you do need to call us to make a claim, you can expect a quick response – our figures show the claims team typically picks up the phone within 20 seconds of someone ringing us. That means you’ll have peace of mind that your claim is being dealt with, so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. 

What about price?

It makes sense to keep your costs down so that more of your earnings can go to your take-home pay. But it’s worth bearing in mind that your courier insurance will look a bit different from normal insurance you may have bought before because the risk is different. 

Wayne gives the example of car insurance, where someone has a car for 25 years and is paying £200 for normal insurance. But driving your car once a week is different to using it as a private hire driver eight hours a day, so the cost of insurance reflects that. The same goes for motorcycle insurance. 

He says because insurance works by paying claims from a central pot, if insurance is sold too cheaply there won’t be enough money to pay everyone that needs it. 

He says:

“Unfortunately we can’t give everyone a policy for £1, because there wouldn’t be the money to pay the claims. We have thousands of drivers, and the average claim is circa £3,000+, so we need to balance that. 

But we’ll always give the best price we can, and we’re very clear in our wording about how the cover works. We will always look to be as competitive as possible.”

For delivery driver insurance for motorcycles, mopeds, vans, and more visit INSHUR today

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