INSHUR on The Rideshare Guy podcast

INSHUR on The Rideshare Guy podcast

INSHUR CEO and co-founder Dan Bratshpis recently sat down with The Rideshare Guy’s Harry Campbell to talk about the world of rideshare insurance.

In this podcast, Dan chats to Harry about getting insurance as a New York TLC driver and what drivers can expect to pay.

Dan also talks about his own background – coming from an immigrant family, with family members first driving taxis as part of chasing the American dream. He says this perspective helped lead to the creation of INSHUR and wanting to do insurance differently.

INSHUR has been set up to focus on technology and customer service, rather than the traditional slow process of paperwork and filling in forms. Dan says this is where INSHUR’s mission came from: making insurance fair and easy.

Dan and Harry chat about what’s behind the cost of insurance, why dashcams are important and how rideshare insurance could change in the future.

Harry also reflects on how rideshare driving has changed over the years, and what needs to improve for the future.

Listen to the chat between Dan and Harry below:

Thanks very much to Harry for having us on the podcast – you can subscribe to future episodes and check out lots of great resources for rideshare drivers on The Rideshare Guy website.

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