TLC License Renewal Course – What You Should Know

TLC License Renewal Course – What You Should Know

TLC drivers must complete a Driver License renewal course to renew and keep their licenses. 

There’s more to being a rideshare driver than knowing your local area. Drivers need to be on top of many things: public safety rules, using online services, and good customer service.

That’s why ongoing training and learning is essential, and now mandatory.

The requirements

Since January 1, 2022, all TLC drivers are required to complete the Defensive Driving Course to renew their license.

The six-hour long course should be completed 90 days before your TLC driver’s license expires. Drivers must complete the course every three years before their license runs out.

Fortunately, this course doesn’t include an exam, so you don’t have to worry about being tested.

What does the Defensive Driving Course involve?

The TLC driver license renewal course provides professional and practical hands-on training to support professional drivers and enhances public safety.

It covers a wide range of subjects, including:

  • How to use TLC online services such as LARS (License Applications, Renewals and Summonses) and the TLC Upload Portal.
  • What to do if you receive a ticket.
  • Rules and policies in areas such as driver pay.
  • Customer service advice and tips.
  • Helping customers with disabilities.
  • Practicing wheelchair-accessible vehicle operations.

Which drivers have to take the course?

All TLC licensed drivers are required to complete the training course. There are no exemptions or waivers.

Your TLC driver’s license won’t be renewed if you haven’t completed the course before it expires.

The course is an important step of the renewal application requirements and is a condition of renewing a driver’s license.

Note – different rules apply for paratransit or commuter van operators. We recommend you double-check with the TLC.

How much does the drive license renewal course cost?

All TLC-approved education providers charge $150, and drivers pay the training center directly.

The training center will then notify the TLC when you’ve completed the course.

There’s an additional $25 late fee if you take the course during the 180-day late renewal period, so it pays to book early.

Keeping up-to-date with your licensing means there’s no break in your TLC insurance. There’s no risk of being fully liable for anything that happens when you are covered. You’ll also be significantly lowering the risk of losing your TLC license. 

Remember, without the course, you cannot renew your license.

Where can I find training course providers in NYC?

There are several approved training centers in New York City. Some centers provide the course in languages other than English, including Spanish, Urdu, Bengali and Chinese.

Providers may also offer discounts if you buy the renewal course alongside another class, such as Defensive Driving.

Your training provider will let the TLC know when you’ve completed the course to update your record. The list of training providers is below:

  • AA Driving Training Center: 6402 8th Avenue, Suite 105, Brooklyn, NY 11220, (718) 886-6249
  • AAA Knowledge Seekers, Inc: 86-11 Lefferts Boulevard, Suits 2A, Richmond Hill, NY 11418 
  • AAJ Desi Black Yellow Green Professional Driver Academy: 89-36 Sutphin Blvd, 3rd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11435, (347) 256-2790
  • CUNY Kingsborough Community College: 2001 Oriental Boulevard, Room T4122, Brooklyn, NY 11235, (718) 368-5189
  • J1 Trainers Training: 87-12 175th Street, Suite #C1 Jamaica, NY 11432, (718) 206-9200
  • Millennium Drivers Academy: 60-19 Roosevelt Ave 2nd FL Suite 205 Woodside, NY 11377 & 1954 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY 10453, (718) 733-1220
  • NYC Driver Institute: 31-00 47th Avenue, 1st Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101 & 33-24 Northern Boulevard 4th Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101, (718) 255-9500

For more information on the TLC-approved training centres, click here.

Help! I think I need more information.

There’s an official Frequently Asked Questions page here and information on the full range of TLC requirements here.

INSHUR also has a guide for new drivers about getting your TLC license (LINK), and how much a new license (LINK) will cost. 

Additionally Uber has details of the broader requirements for getting a driver’s license from the TLC, and how it can help drivers through the application process.

At INSHUR, our TLC coverage is trusted and recommended by thousands of drivers in NYC. To get great value coverage in minutes, click here.

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