Where To Find Relief In NYC

Where To Find Relief In NYC

Where to Get ‘Relief’ as a Driver in New York?

 +100,000 FHV drivers in NYC use public bathrooms.
 Only 19 Relief Stands provided by TLC for FHV use.
 +5,000 drivers per Relief Stand.
 No Relief Stands have restrooms on site.
 FHV drivers must use cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants restrooms.
 List of Relief Stands available.
 Potty All The Time is mobile option.

The ‘Relief’ Shift – Hunting for a Bathroom When You Drive FHV in New York

Only when an FHV driver was caught urinating into a bottle in his taxi with a passenger onboard did the big ‘relief’ problem become public news. Yeah, the lack of bathroom facilities for the city’s FHV driver population finally got some attention. With more than 100,000 FHV drivers licensed in the city, TLC has only 19 Relief Stands designated to For Hire taxis. That’s more than 5,000 drivers per bathroom. It’s going to be a long wait to ‘go’. Whilst this issue is nothing new to seasoned drivers, it’s been a thorn for many years, the success of ride-hailing apps like Uber has made the problem even worse. Vastly increased driver numbers have overwhelmed the system, as the availability of Relief Stands for FHV has simply failed to keep pace. In contrast, there are 38 stands provided for yellow and green cabs, who number less than 14,000 drivers. Whichever way you look at it, the bathroom/bladder ratio for FHV is way out of whack.

Compounding the issue is the fact that TLC Relief Stands, which allow a vehicle to park for one hour, are only for the car to get relief, not the driver. They do not provide restrooms. This leaves the driver at the mercy of nearby bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels to do his or her business, something some establishments are not too happy with. It’s also a major problem in the wee hours when many eateries are closed.

TLC said the bottle guy “used poor judgment” but acknowledged that “bathroom access is a real problem for drivers, resulting in health risks.” However, despite this concern, no new Relief Stands or bathrooms for FHV are in the pipeline. If you’re always on the hunt for somewhere to ‘go’, here’s the complete list of FHV and Cab Relief Stands in New York, but you’ll still need to find a sympathetic bathroom owner. Failing that, there’s a service called Potty All the Time. This is a mobile bathroom, with a small toilet cubicle mounted to a pedal powered trike. When you feel the urge and you can’t find an open Relief Stand, you simply call them up and they’ll cycle to meet you. You can even use their external video surveillance to watch for lurking meter maids whilst you use the facilities. Potty All the Time currently costs $3 per use, but they say the bathroom is cleaned between each visitor and the system uses the latest portable potty technology for a ‘green’ experience. This could be a life saver if you ever get desperate. However, take note; they only take cards, not cash.

Spending a penny has gone digital.


Link: https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/motorist/taxirelief.shtml
Potty All the Time: http://pottyallthetime.com/