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Uber Insurance

INSHUR offers (PHV) Uber Insurance. Uber allows the public to pre-book private hire vehicles (PHV) through their platform. It is not a taxi or minicab company. Uber driver partners must have their own (PHV) Uber Insurance. This is required by UK Law. Uber does not offer insurance products but INSHUR is an approved insurance partner of Uber.

Typically, obtaining Uber Insurance often requires many phone calls, visits to broker offices, production of paperwork, filling in forms and time away from driving. It can be a slow and lengthy process. Now, however, INSHUR is changing this – by offering a fast and convenient way to buy PHV Insurance. INSHUR have either representatives or information at Uber Green Light Hubs, if you cannot find us, just check out the app. It is easy to use and you can log in via Uber or just register with your email address.

Buying Private Hire Insurance for Uber driving with INSHUR.

INSHUR is 100% digital, so we usually deliver your policy in minutes. There are no calls, visits to brokers, papers or forms, all you need is your mobile phone. The INSHUR app is free and easy to download in the Apple app store and on Google Play. Buy your Uber cover at exclusive rates, choose flexible payment terms and manage your policy by using the INSHUR app. Download the INSHUR app today.

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Uber is not an insurance company, insurance intermediary or insurance broker. INSHUR is the insurance MGA. ‘Uber insurance’ is a term used to describe insurance that covers Uber driver partners also known as PHV insurance. PHV insurance is cover for Uber driver partner vehicles/cars.