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INSHUR was founded in 2016 to modernise the commercial auto insurance sector.

Our company was built on the recognition that too many businesses born into the digital world were being ineffectively served by a broken insurance industry that remained confusing, cumbersome in process, and consistently provided poor customer service.

We set out to change that by harnessing rich data to deliver a simple, fast and seamless experience to obtain commercial auto insurance, initially for New York’s Uber drivers, but quickly expanded our presence and products throughout the UK and Netherlands.

Our next-generation, data-led technology enables drivers to obtain quotes and receive coverage in mere minutes. We pride ourselves on being digital-first, but when our customers need – or simply prefer – a person to speak with, our top-rated customer service teams are standing by to help.

Fast forward to 2021 and we have recently completed our Series B funding, taking the total  raised for our business to $35 million (£25 m). The new funding is fueling our ambitious global growth plans, enabling us to invest in technology, recruit the best people, and bring new product lines to an expanded market.

We have a talented team of over 150 people spanning across the US, UK and Netherlands and were recently recognized at the prestigious British Insurance Awards for our commitment to diversity and inclusion. To learn more about our culture and current openings, check out the Careers section of our site.



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Channel partners

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100% digital

In 2017 INSHUR signed a capacity agreement with Munich RE and launched INSHUR 2.0 – a fully digital quote and buy mobile insurance product. Initially aimed at the 120,000 drivers in New York. 


In November 2018 INSHUR agreed to a distribution partnership with Uber, becoming a preferred insurance partner, and launched in the UK followed by the Netherlands in 2020.


In 2020 INSHUR evolved its technology infrastructure with new data-led insurance platform designed to power and protect the new economy players in mobility, delivery and transportation.

Claims control

INSHUR recognized the need to take greater ownership of the full customer experience, building its own claims organization in 2020.


Innovation and growth is only possible when you have a smart, diverse team of people working together to make it happen. In 2021 we more than doubled in size – hiring over 100 people to join the team.



The INSHUR vision to reinvent the process of buying and managing commercial auto insurance in mobility, delivery and transportation, was architected by Dan Bratshpis and David Daiches.

Dan Bratshpis
CEO & co-founder

David Daiches
COO & co-founder



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