Winter driving: Looking after your vehicle

Winter driving: Looking after your vehicle

Winter driving can be tough on your car. For private hire, rideshare, and delivery drivers, vehicles are your business, so keeping them running efficiently and safely is very important. Looking after your vehicle keeps you safe on the roads, plus, less damage done by snow and ice means no expensive repairs or insurance claims. Here we look at the top 5 ways you can keep your car winter-proof. 



Driving with unsuitable, or badly maintained tires could mean you’ll be making an insurance claim very soon. To tackle winter snow, ice and rain be sure to check the following:

Check your tread isn’t too low. Ensure that the sidewalls aren’t damaged. As always, repair any slow punctures as soon as possible. 

Breakdown kit

If the worst should happen and you find yourself on the side of a motorway waiting for recovery you’re going to want to stay out of the elements. Consider putting together a kit:

  • Warm coat
  • Umbrella
  • Torch
  • Gloves
  • First aid kit
  • High-vis vest
  • A bottle of water

Test your battery

When the weather turns and your vehicle spends most nights in the freezing cold this can lead to an increased risk of battery failure. 

Changing your car battery every 3 years should keep your car running smoothly whatever the weather. 

Winter proofing

Modern science allows us to combat snow and ice very literally. Be sure you’re using an ice-resistant wiper fluid. Always keep a scraper in your glove compartment to help scrape any extra ice. Plus, always ensure your antifreeze is full – it helps stop the engine’s cooling system from freezing. 

Check your brakes

When driving on icy roads or in heavy rain, your brakes will be under more pressure than usual to perform. You’ll know when to get them checked as they’ll squeal at you or not offer their usual resistance when driving. 

It’s also worth setting off slowly if you haven’t driven for a few days and your car has been out in the cold. Calipers, handbrakes, and discs are known to freeze and take some ‘warming’ before going full throttle. 


It goes without saying, having the right insurance cover as a private hire, rideshare, or delivery driver is the best way to prepare your vehicle for winter driving. At INSHUR, our comprehensive cover options mean that you’re covered 365 days of the year. 


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