Where To Pick Up Uber Riders At Luton And Stansted Airports?

Where To Pick Up Uber Riders At Luton And Stansted Airports?

 Luton has two Uber driver waiting areas.
 Drivers must be in the waiting areas to get ride requests.
 Rides can only be picked up at the airport’s Priority Pick-Up Zone.
 Stansted has two Uber driver waiting areas.
 Drivers must be in the Short Stay Orange Car Park to pick up riders.
 Trying to pick-up elsewhere may incur large fines.

When it comes to providing rides to people who fly, Uber has made large strides to make the process as simple as possible for drivers and passengers alike.

Designated waiting and pick up areas have been organised at most UK airports. Last time, we looked at Heathrow and Gatwick. Below, we review Luton and Stansted. Next time we’ll take a peek at Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.


Waiting area.
Uber has two designated driver waiting areas at Luton airport. They are both geo-located, which means they’re the only areas where you’ll receive pick-up requests. The first is at Luton Retail Park (Gipsy Lane Superstore), LU2 0SX. This location has a plethora of shops, toilets etc. Three hours
parking comes free, after that, there’s a charge. The second area is Luton Airport Long Term Car Park on the airport campus. Only the first two hours parking are free. After that, you may incur a £25 full day’s parking charge! Beware.

Pick-up area.
Luton Airport only allows taxi pick-ups in the Priority Pick Up Zone close to the single terminal. The Uber app informs riders to make their way there. Note that you will pay £3 for the first 10 minutes inside this area, but it can be very busy, so it’s possible you may go into overtime.


Waiting area.
Uber has two geo-located driver waiting areas at Stansted. Once more, they are the only places you will get ride requests. The first is located at the Stansted Airport Mid-Stay Car Park, CM24 1PJ. You’ll find toilets and some vending machines. Parking is free for the first hour, then £1 for the second hour. The second waiting area is Birchinger Green Motorway Services, CM23 5QZ. This is a standard motorway services, with food, fuel, shops and toilet facilities. Parking is free.

Pick-up area.
The airport authorities have strict rules on where to collect passengers. This can only be done at Short Stay Car Park Orange, Terminal Rd S, Bishop’s Stortford, CM22 6PL. You may incur a hefty fine if you try to pick up elsewhere. There is a £5.50p charge for entering the car park, but this is added to the rider’s bill, so you won’t pay out of pocket. The Uber app guides riders to the pick-up point.

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