What TLC drivers need to know about the Covid-19 vaccine mandate

What TLC drivers need to know about the Covid-19 vaccine mandate

From February 2022,  all TLC drivers in NYC will need to prove they are fully vaccinated in order to keep driving.

Let’s look at the details of the vaccine mandate, and what drivers need to do in order to keep earning.

The following information is correct at the time of writing on January 25, 2022.

What are the rules?

In December, New York City officials ruled that all private sector workers, including TLC-licensed drivers and operators, must be vaccinated against Covid-19.

This applies to all rideshare drivers and businesses operating in the city, including those driving on the Uber and Lyft platforms.

Since December 27, 2021, drivers have to prove they’ve received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

If you had one dose of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine before 27 December, you don’t need to do anything else.

Otherwise, you need to have had two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines by February 10, 2022. So if you haven’t been fully vaccinated yet, you haven’t got long to get organized.

What proof will I need?

You need to carry proof of your vaccine status while driving. There are a few things you can use, including:

  •       A CDC vaccination card (you can also use a digital photo or photocopy of this card)
  •       Your NYC vaccination record or other official record, including from your healthcare provider. A digital photo or photocopy of this card is also acceptable. If you can’t get this record, call 311.
  •       NYC COVID Safe app (Android or iOS). You can use this app to upload a photo of your CDC vaccination card or other official record, along with your photo ID.
  •       CLEAR Health Pass (Android or iOS). You can use the digital vaccine card option in the CLEAR app if you’re 18 or over and are fully vaccinated.
  •       Excelsior Pass (or Excelsior Pass Plus). To use this app, you’ll need the phone number or email address that goes with your New York vaccination record.

If you don’t carry the required proof, you may not be able to work and may be fined. Inspectors from different NYC agencies have already started to check and enforce this.

Please note that drivers don’t need to show vaccine proof to riders, and riders don’t have to prove their vaccine status to drivers either.

However, masks still have to be worn by both TLC drivers and riders. If a rider refuses to wear a mask, you can refuse service without fear of a penalty.

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Where to get the vaccine

To find a vaccination site near you and to book an appointment, use the Vaccine Finder website or call 877-VAX-4NYC (877-829-4692).

There’s more information about Covid-19 vaccines here.

Is anyone exempt?

The rules are designed to help stop the spread of the virus. But there may be some exceptions for not getting vaccinated, such as for medical or religious reasons.

You can find more guidance on this here (under the ‘exceptions’ section). This is also available in languages other than English.

If you are exempt, drivers need to carry a completed ‘reasonable accommodation form’ whenever they’re driving, and provide proof of a weekly negative PCR test.


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