UK Ahead in Courier Tech Innovation 📦

UK Ahead in Courier Tech Innovation 📦

A new study has found the UK ranks well above other European countries when it comes to road innovation. 

What does this mean? Put simply, it means the UK currently has laws and legislation in place to welcome more automated courier delivery services, including drones. Additionally, it’s estimated that the UK will implement a “drone superhighway” in the next two years! So expect to see more flying robots in our skies in future.

The Need for Speed

The UK delivery market has grown exponentially since 2015, and there’s more pressure than ever on courier drivers to meet strict delivery deadlines. Working long hours on the road is putting more stress on drivers, on traffic levels and the health of drivers. Greater automation will help cope with the exponential demand and provide better tracking of the entire delivery chain process, as well as alleviate some of the pressure on delivery drivers.

Couriers Protecting the Planet

Greater automation is also great news for the planet as governments around the globe set ambitious targets to reduce emissions. Better infrastructure means more electric vehicles; drones and delivery bots will reduce the number of vehicles on the road – meaning less time sitting in traffic for you!

Luke Davies, Commercial Director at Courier Exchange, says:

“What’s encouraging is that so many European nations are well-positioned when it comes to innovation. Just how ready they are varies from territory to territory, but the overall picture is promising and once innovative practices become the norm – and are seen to be successful – other countries will introduce them.”

In Conclusion

We know change can be daunting, leaving people wondering how their lives may change. In future, delivery drivers can expect to be working alongside more automated colleagues! Information relayed to drivers about traffic levels will be more detailed, and routes optimised to save time and fuel. Luckily, the UK is in an enviable position of being able to deliver on these changes. Most importantly, we’re sure the planet will welcome these changes, as we look to a more technologically advanced future!

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