10 Ways Drivers Can Save Fuel In 2022

10 Ways Drivers Can Save Fuel In 2022

Updated from 12 March 2020

Fuel is a significant expense for any driver. Quite often the tank needs to be refilled every week. With yearly costs in the thousands, saving money on fuel can make a substantial difference in your income.

However, the fuel you burn isn’t the only thing to consider. Rapidly changing regulations, and advancing technology also play their part. The kind of car you drive, the kind of fuel it uses and how that combo works in the future could also hit your wallet.

A driver needs to know what’s going on today and tomorrow to stay ahead. To help you with this, here are the best ways to save on fuel along with some facts to protect you in the future. 

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Top 10 Not-So-Obvious Tips to Save Fuel

There is no doubt among drivers that buying fuel cheaply can be an effective way to reduce fuel costs. But did you know that you can save at the pump in other ways?

 Below, we rank the best not-so-obvious fuel-saving tips to help boost a driver’s income:

View from the driver's seat of a car, with a white mobile phone on the dashboard showing a map on the screen.

1. Decide which route is best for you

When deciding the best route from A to B, we typically choose the ‘get there faster’ way to save fuel and time. However, a shorter journey could well cost you more! 

When planning your route, take into account traffic conditions at the time of your journey. A shorter distance with bad traffic conditions can actually burn more fuel. So, it’s crucial to take the roads where you can avoid traffic and congestion. Even if that means going a few extra miles.  

Close-up of car mechanic working and pumping air into auto wheel in auto repair service

2. Make sure your wheels are pumped up properly

Keeping your car’s tyres properly inflated can provide numerous benefits. Your tyres will wear evenly, extending their life and improving your vehicle’s mpg. When the tyres on your car are properly inflated, your car handles better, has better traction, and is more comfortable to drive.

According to Burt Brothers, overinflated tyres can become stiff and rigid, resulting in rough rides and uneven wear. On the other hand, underinflated tyres can cause flat tyres and reduce fuel economy. Check your vehicle manual for advice on the correct PSI for your tyres.

Rear view of a car with an open a trunk

3. Reduce the car’s weight

There is a direct relationship between the car’s weight and its thirst. Carrying extra weight can harm the mpg ratio. Check you’re not carrying around any unnecessary baggage in the boot, no one needs a snow shovel in Summer! It’s also worth noting that 50 litres of fuel is approx. 37 kg. So, keeping whatever else you can lighter is a must. 

4. Turn It Off

Did you know that an idling vehicle with AC on can consume as much as half a gallon of fuel every hour? Avoid excessive idling time to save on fuel, and whenever you park your vehicle, make sure to turn off the engine. Idling for just 10 seconds wastes more fuel than restarting the engine.

Cropped shot of empty seats on a public bus.

5. Public Transport

There’s no doubt that drivers love their cars, but when you can, use public transport. Public transportation may initially seem inconvenient, but the money you’ll save by not paying £1.50 or £2.00 a litre might change your mind, especially for shorter journeys. Railcards and bus passes are relatively inexpensive and can help keep costs down through discounted fares.

Auto mechanic Preparing For the work. Mechanic with Stainless Steel Wrench in Hand.Close up of hands mechanic doing car service and maintenance.

6. Vehicle maintenance 

You’ll already know the importance of car maintenance, but when was the last time you cleaned your car’s air and oil filters? Ensuring these are clear and free of clogs are great ways of saving at the petrol pump. The cost of replacing or cleaning will be outweighed by the fuel cost saved over time! A serviced engine consumes less fuel.

Person with red nail polish turns on air conditioning in a car

7. Open windows not AC

Air conditioners burn more energy when running, so they should be switched off when not needed. Turn it off while you are in traffic or moving at a slow pace. This should improve fuel efficiency and save you some pennies.

Car roof rack. Modern car. Blue car. Close-up

8. Reduce drag

Modern cars are designed to slip through the air with minimum drag. The less air you push against, the more efficient your vehicle is. However, it doesn’t take much to ruin aerodynamics. Roof racks, oversized wheels, and cosmetic body kits can turn a slippery vehicle into a blunt brick. Take the roof rack off and avoid changing the major external parts of your car. Big wheels might look cool, but they’re costing you money in wasted fuel with every mile they roll.

4 petrol pumps, 2 green, 1 red and 1 black. Close up.

9. Opting for regular fuel

You should only fill up your tank with regular gas, not premium or diesel fuel unless your vehicle requires it. There is no reason to pay good money for something you don’t need. 

A litre of premium gasoline costs nearly 30p more than a litre of regular fuel, and there will be little improvement in your car’s performance, mileage, or fuel economy. So better go for regular fuel than filling the tank with premium one. 

Petrol station on the motorway. Sunset at the gas station. Car traveling on the highway at sunset. Maximal speed. Sunset on the motorway.

10. Get loyalty cards

Yeah, we know technically this doesn’t save on fuel, which is why it’s last on our list. However, loyalty points from companies like BP or Shell or a supermarket chain like Tesco or Sainsbury’s can add up to some useful cash over the year. Buy your fuel where it’s cheapest and always get the fuel points. Every few pounds spent is a penny or two in your pocket.

That’s it, people. These are some of the most effective ways to save fuel in 2022. We hope these tips are useful and help you to save some money!

Here’s a quick summary:

1.  Decide the route

2.  Inflate those wheels

3.  Lighten the car 

4.  Kill the motor

5.  Consider public transport 

6.  Maintenance

7.  Air-conditioner 

8.  Reduce drag

9.  Regular fuel

10.  Loyalty card

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