How Uber Improvements Continue to Help Drivers ๐Ÿš˜

How Uber Improvements Continue to Help Drivers ๐Ÿš˜

In 2022, Uber stayed committed to listening to their rideshare drivers. We take a look at some of the changes made, and the ways they will help you as a driver. Even better, Uber has promised more for 2023!

Earning & Saving as an Uber Rideshare Driver

Seeing your passenger’s destination and accepting the trip is now easier than ever with Upfront Fares and Trip Radar. Alongside these, Uber introduced tools to help new drivers on the platform. Together, these features reinforce the transparency and flexibility that Uber is known for.

Surge Notifications

When rideshare drivers asked for notifications about surge areas, Uber added surge-specific alerts to let drivers know if there is a great earning opportunity nearby, even when offline.

Alongisde Surge improvements, Uber have revamped and simplified driver earnings statements. Now drivers can clearly see how much customers paid and how much the weekly Uber service fee was.

Safety First

Uber launched a host of new features to keep drivers safe: improved in-app navigation, better driver alerts, and the expansion of optional in-app Audio Recording feature. Perhaps the most exciting feature โ€“ an in-app dash cam that can record both video and audio on trips โ€“ is the direct result of listening to driver feedback. 

Rideshare Driver Support

Uber wanted to focus more on how drivers engaged with the app in 2022. Theyโ€™re keenly aware of how drivers rely on the app, and they know that every bad experience is painful. In 2022, Uber continued to fix bugs and errors, and tackle issues big and small, all to make the driver experience better and maximize driversโ€™ earnings potential. 

Uber also introduced an in-app feature making account deactivation disputes easier giving drivers more of a voice. 

Also new to 2022 is Uberโ€™s newsletter The Tune-Up, which you can sign up for after youโ€™ve finished reading more of our blogs here!

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