Uber Remains Popular As Cost of Living Increases πŸš™

Uber Remains Popular As Cost of Living Increases πŸš™

In 2022, there are 31% more UK food delivery and private hire drivers working for Uber compared with 2021. Now, with costs on the rise, Uber is proving to be a popular method of topping up your income. 

UK Uber Benefits in 2022

UK Uber drivers are entitled to holiday pay, minimum wage and pension plans. In addition, Uber introduced a new feature to give more flexibility to drivers – β€˜Upfront Fares’ now allows drivers to view more information about the journeys they are offered, including how much they will earn from each trip, making Uber far more attractive for new drivers.

What Challenges Is Uber Currently Facing?

According to BBC News, Uber now has almost 5 million workers delivering food and driving for the company. This is higher than even before the pandemic, with 21 million average trips made per day between April and June 2022.

An increase in drivers has made Uber more accessible than ever to customers. However, this increase in demand comes with its challenges. With the price of fuel going up, it can be difficult for drivers to make a profit. Although Uber has increased fares to offset the rising cost of petrol, this could make taxis unaffordable for customers, who will also struggle this year with rising energy, food and housing costs. Delivery orders and driver bookings may decrease as the cost of living impacts the public. 

However, Uber boss Dan Khosrowshahi, remains positive.

”Despite rising ride share prices through the US/Europe, clearly consumers are still moving to the Uber platform, especially as travel, shifting to the office, and other post-pandemic trends take hold globally with Uber poised to benefit into 2023.”

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