Top 6 Must-Have Accessories for Delivery Drivers & Couriers

Top 6 Must-Have Accessories for Delivery Drivers & Couriers

In the bustling world of courier services, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Whether navigating busy city streets or traversing rural routes, courier drivers need more than just a vehicle to ensure seamless deliveries. 

From staying on track with the latest navigation technology to dealing with other road users, the life of a courier driver demands a toolkit of essential accessories.

Buckle up as we look at some of the best accessories for delivery drivers and couriers. 

Delivery Route Planner

Streamlining your delivery route means you can get your job done quickly and efficiently, while also saving time and money. 

Route planners are important for delivery and courier drivers to help map out your route and stops for the day, making your time on the road work for you. 

Google Maps is free and allows ten stops – ideal for those making fewer stops in the day, or travelling further distances with less stops. 

If you’re a delivery driver making multiple stops, it’s worth paying for a premium service like Circuit

Available on iOS & Android, Circuit is a route planner that allows for multiple stops along the route. Simply add your stops, and Circuit will optimise the fastest route for you. 

Dash Cam

Dash cams are becoming more popular for drivers, and can give crucial evidence in insurance claims. 

According to a 2018 AA study, drivers using a dash cam are likely to be more self-aware when driving, potentially making them safer. 

In the event of an incident, dash cam footage from you or third parties can help resolve claims quicker. 

The amount you want to spend is up to you, but you’ll want to opt for something with decent video quality. There’s a wide range of cameras on the market, we’ve picked two at the bottom and top end of what’s available now. 

Miofive S1 4K Dash Cam

miofive s1 dashcam

For £80, the Miofive offers 4K video recording, a screen with easy setup, and built-in wifi to connect to the Miofive app. 

Nextbase iQ 4K

nextbase iq dashcam

The Nextbase offers everything a driver could need from a dashcam. It has a built-in parking sensor, AI tracking for vehicles around you, live feeds from the camera on your phone, and additional safety features. But it comes at a cost – expect to pay around £375, with an optional subscription service to unlock all features. 

Mobile Phone Mount

 A sturdy mobile phone mount is crucial for safely accessing GPS directions or communicating with customers while driving. It keeps the phone visible and within reach without distracting the driver.

Several mounts now come with charging capabilities, such as the GoPlum Wireless Charger. The magnetised base will keep your phone in place while you drive and charge wirelessly. 

Hand Truck or Dolly

 A hand truck or dolly makes it easier to transport heavy or bulky items from your vehicle to the delivery location. 

They can help reduce the strain on you and aid in delivering heavier items quickly. 

You can pick one up on Amazon for around £30 – opt for a trolley that folds away to save space. 

Vehicle Tools

An emergency kit for your car, van or scooter can be your most useful companion if something goes wrong with your vehicle.

Basic vehicle maintenance tools like tyre pressure gauges, jumper cables, and a portable air compressor can be lifesavers in emergencies on the road.

Keeping these tools handy ensures that couriers and delivery drivers can quickly address minor issues and continue with deliveries.

This emergency breakdown kit includes a first aid kit, breakdown triangle and other essential items for around £35.

Thermos or drinks flask

Studies have shown that being 1% dehydrated harms concentration and reaction times. Both of these are essential when out on the roads. 

Having a decent drinks flask or thermos means you’ll always have water or other liquids when you need it. 

Some companies offer discounts on drinks when you use a reusable container, saving you money. 

A flask from Stanley recently went viral after surviving a vehicle fire, with ice still frozen inside!

BONUS Accessory for delivery drivers and couriers – Spotify

From your favourite artists to podcasts and audiobooks in one handy place, Spotify is a brilliant companion for drivers.

Choose from a free service with ads, or pay for Premium with no ads.

Curate playlists for your drives with access to millions of songs available for online and offline playing. 

Available on iOS & Android

Try Spotify for free

One of the most important must-haves also makes you a safer courier driver. Getting insurance means you’re secured, but getting the right insurance for you gives you security and peace of mind. 

Get a free online quote with our easy-to-use platform. 

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