Top 5 Vans for Commercial Drivers 2024

Top 5 Vans for Commercial Drivers 2024

Being a commercial driver means driving from point A to point Z, and every letter in between, in one day. If you’re working long hours on the road, you’ll need a vehicle that can keep up the pace.

A van needs to be a workhorse, whilst having plenty of storage and capacity. It needs to have excellent handling for rural and city roads and be comfortable to drive.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 5 vans for commercial drivers currently on the market in the UK. 

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Prices correct as of February 2024. All “used” prices from 

Ford Transit Courier commercial vehicle showcased at the Brussels Expo Autosalon motor show. Belgium

Ford Transit Courier

New: from £16,200 (Excl VAT)

Used Ex: from £5,500 (2016 plate)

Ford has increased load capacity for their new 2024 Transit models. You can now fit two euro palettes in the back with ease, perfect for those who need more space. 

The new Transits also come with increased security, including anti-pick locks, telematic alarms and armour shell locks among other bits of kit. With thefts from vehicles costing £3.5bn in 2022, Ford knows that security is more important than ever to drivers. 

You’ll find everything you need in the cabin for a comfortable drive, alongside auto stop/start for when you’re stuck in traffic, saving you precious fuel. 

This contributes to low running costs, with great fuel economy achieving up to 43MPG. 

Additionally, the FordPass Pro app is free to download, giving drivers the ability to remotely unlock and lock their van, monitor vehicle health and monitor location information. 

a white citroen berlingo van on the road on a sunny day

Citroen Berlingo

New: from £19,320 (Excl VAT)

Used Ex: £13,698 (2019 plate)

Citroen offers fuel and EV models of their Berlingo – we’re looking at their fuel model. 

The Berlingo combined fuel engine boasts 45.8 MPG for petrol models, with diesel performing better at 57.4MPG. 

The high driver’s seat and large windshield offer great visibility, allowing you to see the road ahead with ease. 

Inside the cabin, there’s plenty of storage from shelves to gloveboxes and cubby holes. 

There’s an 8” touchscreen tilted towards the driver, with the usual connectivity options. 

Reviewers say the Berlingo handles well but can be loud when more revs are required, such as uphill. More enthusiastic drivers might be disappointed with the lack of sporty punch, with Parkers calling it less agile than rivals. 

Nevertheless, Citroen was still one of the top 10 van manufacturers in 2023, so you’re in good hands if you choose a Berlingo. 

a grey peugeot partner - a model of small van

Peugeot Partner

New: from £18,750 (Excl VAT) diesel, small model

Used Ex: from £7,595 (2016 plate)

The Peugeot Partner comes in two types, diesel or EV. We’ll be focusing on the diesel type. 

The Partner can achieve up to an impressive 56.6 MPG, making running cheap. 

With a payload of almost a ton (987kg) the Partner is a powerful workhorse capable of carrying heavier loads with ease. 

In the cabin, there’s an optional digital rearview mirror, passenger blindspot views and a reversing camera.

The steering wheel is smaller than other models in its class, giving the Partner a sporty feel. It’s a nippy van that still feels light to drive even when it’s at load capacity. 

If you’ve got the budget for extras, Peugeot also offers an option overload indicator for both the back and the cabin. 

The Partner is further customisable with roof racks, floor protection and back door wrapping options. 

Black passenger van Mercedes-Benz W447 Viano in the city street.

Mercedes Vito

New: from £30,010 (Excl VAT) 

Used Ex: from £6,490 (2017 plate)

The Mercedes Vito is by far the most expensive on our list, but for good reason. It took the top spot in the FN50 survey of best vans of 2023. Nestled between the Citan and the larger Sprinter, the Vito is Mercedes’ middle offering. If you have the money, this is easily one of the best vans for commercial drivers out there.

At just over £30,000, the Vito is for a driver looking for a classier ride, aimed at businesses wanting to make an impression. Famed for versatility and reliability, if you have the money the Vito is a fantastic choice.

With a payload of almost 950kg, you won’t be wanting for space. The diesel engine manages up to 37.6MPG – not as fuel efficient as other offerings on this list. However, the Vito is fitted with specialised panels under the van to help with aerodynamics, adding to better fuel efficiency. 

Mercedes has packed the Vito with safety bells and whistles, including ABS, brake assist and anti-skid regulation among others. 

The Vito has a powerful engine with up to 163hp and great handling. However, some optional auto features, like additional gear paddles on the steering wheel, can be tricky to get used to. It’s worth customising your van to exactly what you need, especially at this price point. 

However you’ll be driving a van known for reliability and build quality. 

a grey fiat firorino outside

Fiat Fiorino Cargo

New: from £16,855 (Excl VAT) 

Used Ex: from £5,495 (2019 plate)

Designed for zipping around the city, the Fiat Fiorino is mighty despite its smaller size. 

A perfect van for smaller businesses or for those with less deliveries, the Fiorino has a load capacity of 610kg. 

In the cabin you’ll find all the regular mod cons like temperature control, phone call controls, 7” touchscreen. Even better, the dashboard and controls are similar to Fiat’s car offerings, making it far less daunting than the Mercedes with all its extra features. 

The Fiorino’s 1.3 litre engine means it’s not as beefy as rivals a size up, but with some models achieving over 70MPG, the smaller engine becomes less of an issue on city roads. 

Parkers called it cheap and reliable, whilst also being fun to drive, but suffers at higher speeds, especially on the motorway. 

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