The top driver and delivery influencers to watch right now

The top driver and delivery influencers to watch right now

After a long shift or when in between trips, sometimes it’s nice to check in with how other drivers are finding life on the road. We’ve rounded up some of the best drivers and couriers who have turned to YouTube to share their experiences with the driver community and beyond. 

Whether you want to learn more about the gig economy or are looking for some tips and info as a new or experienced driver, you can find it all online. 

In the UK there are a few channels dedicated to driving and the gig economy, but these have taken off much more in the US. As a result we’ve included some US resources which should still have a lot of useful info for UK drivers and gig workers. 

In no particular order, here are just some of the YouTubers posting on all things driving and delivery. 

Tom the Taxi Driver

YouTube subscribers: 40,100

Most popular video: 423,000 views

Tom is a London cab driver who has been posting videos about driving and London life since 2006. While he drives a black cab rather than for Uber, there’s a lot of content here for London drivers, on things like when passengers question your route, running costs of a London taxi and generally navigating in and around the city. 

Gig Hustle

YouTube subscribers: 11,600

Most popular video: 148,000 views

Gig Hustle has only been going as a channel since September 2020 but has managed to get an impressive following in a short space of time. As the name suggests, it’s aimed at people who want to learn to make money in the gig economy, working for apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Videos include tutorials, delivering during lockdown and running multiple food delivery apps. 

London Eats

YouTube subscribers: 25,100

Most popular video: 540,000 views 

Another channel dedicated to food delivery, this time done in true London style. It covers tips and tricks, ride along episodes, recommended places to eat and the best kit for courier work. These videos are an easy watch and are delivered in a laidback, entertaining way. 

Gig Guy London

YouTube subscribers: 4,000

Most popular video: 42,389 views

Gig Guy London describes himself as “just your average every day guy trying to balance casual work around a full-time job to make ends meet in the UK.” His videos cover driving for Uber and other platforms such as Amazon Flex and Bolt, and he has a few videos looking at mileage vs pay. 

Ben Morris

YouTube subscribers: 648,000

Most popular video: 4.8m views

This is more of a general channel, which explains the higher number of subscribers and views. But mixed in with videos about travel and life, Ben posts about what it’s like to work in the gig economy for a week at time for companies like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Amazon. His most popular video looks at what’s it’s like to work for Deliveroo, and how much he earned in a week.

From the US

Ryan Is Driving

YouTube subscribers: 885,000

Most popular video: 28m views

Ryan’s channel offers a window into the kind of conversations that spring up between driver and rider. All passenger life is here, from the annoying (as seen in his most popular video ‘Woman tries to get a free ride’), the drunken late-night chats, the fun conversations and the deeper ones. 

Dustin Is Driving

YouTube subscribers: 128,000

Most popular video: 6.5m views

Dustin is an Uber driver who set up his channel in 2017. He’s posted a lot of videos in that time, sometimes hosting content from other drivers. There’s all kinds of compilations here, like the ‘Karens’ (those annoying/angry passengers stirring for a fight), dashcam footage, the funny rides and the crazy stories.

Steph On The Pedal

YouTube subscribers: 20,700

Most popular video: 303,000 views

Steph describes her channel as being about entrepreneurship, side hustles and gig work. Her channel has been going since 2019, and among other things her videos cover working for Amazon Flex and Uber.

If you’re looking to change how you earn from driving, going from rideshare to delivery or from parcels to people, have a look at our tips on picking up a different type of driving work

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