The Best Vans for Delivery Drivers & Couriers 🛻

The Best Vans for Delivery Drivers & Couriers 🛻

If you’re a driver looking to take advantage of the delivery boom we recently wrote about, finding a vehicle to suit your needs is key. To help you choose the right van for you, we’ve compiled a list of options and handy tips to consider. 

Not sure whether to use a car or a van? Here’s why delivery drivers usually opt for the latter.


Vans typically have more load space than cars, which could allow you to deliver (and earn) more. Additionally, extra space saves you from having to drive back and forth between depots to collect parcels. 


Some vans have sliding and rear doors making them easier to access, saving you time at the depot when loading up. It’ll also make it easier to find parcels at the time of delivery. 


We all like a bit of extra legroom on longer journeys. With a spacious cab area, a van could provide that extra level of comfort. 


Having a van might boost your eligibility for working with certain couriers. For instance, to drive with Amazon Flex you’ll need a car with a minimum capacity of five seats, or a van. 


You’ll still be able to find flexible, fairly priced insurance when you drive a van. For instance, here at INSHUR we provide delivery driver insurance for vans alongside cars and two-wheel vehicles.

Great vans for delivery drivers 

Have you read our round-up of the best vehicles for delivery drivers in the UK?

Here are the specs of some of the vans we mentioned, plus some extra models we think are worth considering.

Note: Don’t forget to check the manufacturers’ websites for the most accurate specs and up-to-date information.

Ford Transit Courier 

A grey delivery van driving on a residential street

With 2.3m3 of load space and a maximum gross payload of almost 600kg (not including passengers), this van offers ample storage room. It’s also nice and compact, making it ideal for shorter delivery jobs in busy cities. 

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Ford Transit

a side view of a white ford transit van driving on a city street

Larger than the Transit Courier, the Ford Transit is a great choice. Depending on which version you choose, you could be working with a maximum gross payload of almost 2500kg (not including passengers), 15.1m3 of load space, and side and rear doors allowing unrivalled access to your cargo. 

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Renault Trafic Panel Van

A grey delivery van parked on a driveway.

The Renault Trafic is an impressive vehicle, with its panel van models suited to business use. This is a spacious and customisable van with maximum payloads of up to 1251kg and load volumes of up to 8.9m3. With lots of built-in tools, you’ll be well-equipped for a busy delivery day.

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Nissan Townstar

a white van and a dark grey van passing eachother on the road

Looking to lower your emissions during inner-city trips? Look no further than the electric Nissan Townstar. Whilst boasting an impressive driving range, there is also a petrol model. Depending on its grade and wheelbase, the Townstar offers payloads of up to 800kg and load lengths of up to 2.2m.

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Volkswagen Transporter 6.1 Panel Van

A silver van driving through sparks

Depending on the exact grade, this van offers a maximum payload of up to 1309kg with load lengths of almost three metres. If you’re looking for a comfortable van that can handle heavier cargo during short and longer journeys, this could be a great option.  

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Citroën Berlingo Van

The Berlingo comes in both electric and non-electric versions with a modular cabin for extra passengers or more cargo. It’s got a payload of up to 1000kg and a loading space of up to 4.4m3, depending on your chosen size. With a compact body, this is ideal for navigating narrow streets or squeezing into smaller parking spaces.

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Choosing a van that suits your needs

What makes a delivery van the ‘best’ is how well it meets your requirements, from your budget to your lifestyle and personal usage. Alongside things like fuel efficiency and price, we’ve listed some additional factors to consider. 

Legal Requirements

Get up to speed with the Government’s guidance for driving a van before you buy one. Understanding any rules that might affect you (such as weight restrictions) will mean you’re better prepared to find a suitable vehicle.

Engine Types

Consider your lifestyle, work-related requirements and budget when choosing between petrol, diesel or electric engines. If you’re eyeing up an electric van, be sure to check it has a driving range that will cover your typical route. 

Your Route and Location

Do you often navigate narrow streets with lots of traffic and small parking spaces? Will you need to drive through clean air zones? Thinking about your day-to-day journeys will help you make a more informed purchase.


Ask for recommendations from fellow delivery drivers. There’s no substitute for advice from people with real-world experience. It’ll be beneficial to seek advice from drivers who work with the same couriers or in the same location.

Insuring your delivery van with INSHUR

Did you know that INSHUR offers insurance exclusively for courier or private hire drivers, offering the best value for money? Get a quick quotation today – it only takes three minutes.


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