The Best Driver and Delivery Influencers Right Now

The Best Driver and Delivery Influencers Right Now

Updated from 19 August 2021

After a long shift or in-between trips, it’s good to kick back and catch up with how others in your profession are doing.

We’ve scoured YouTube and gathered a list of fantastic creators to help you hack your gig economy and compare experiences. Keep reading for the best hints, tips and tricks they have to offer!

A man with dark hair, wearing a black t shirt smiling for the camera against a bright yellow backdrop.

Gig Hustle

YouTube subscribers: 17,000
Most popular video: 252,000 views

First on our list is Gig Hustle! He has gained an impressive following in a short time since launching in 2020. As the name suggests, the channel is aimed at people who want to learn to make money in the gig economy, working for apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Videos include tutorials on delivering during Lockdown and running multiple food delivery apps.

This popular video How to deliver Uber Eats step by step shows goes through the Uber Eats process and what it takes. 


A man in a white t shirt wearing a motorcycle helmet.

London Eats

YouTube subscribers: 49,200
Most popular video: 708,000 views 

Moving forward, London Eats is a channel dedicated to food delivery in true London style. The channel covers tips and tricks, ride-along episodes, recommended places to eat and the best kit for courier work. The videos are easy to watch and are delivered in a laidback, entertaining way. Their popular video Uber Eats worker has his bike stolen is a fun place to start.

A picture of someone's phone display, with apps and widgets including Uber and Deliveroo.

Gig Guy London

YouTube subscribers: 4,250
Most popular video: 42,389 views

Gig Guy London describes himself as “just your average everyday guy trying to balance casual work around a full-time job to make ends meet in the UK.” His videos cover driving for Uber and other platforms such as Amazon Flex and Bolt, and he has a few videos looking at mileage vs pay.

A man with dark hair and blue denim jeans standing. There is a mountain view behind him, and he is standing in a field. he looks away from the camera.

Ben Morris

YouTube subscribers: 666,000
Most popular video: 4.9m views

With more general content, Ben’s channel blends videos about travel and life, alongside what it’s like to work in the gig economy for a week at a time for companies like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Amazon. His Deliveroo video currently sits at almost 5 million views!

A young girl with long brown hair smiles at the camera while posing the peace sign with her fingers.

Megan Risman

YouTube subscribers: 26,500
Most popular video: 401,000 views

What do you get when you mix life vlogs with delivery service experience? Megan Riseman! With an informative and funny style, we think ‘Accepting or Rejecting every Door Dash Order’ is a great place to start!

A young man with a light beard, brown hair, white tshirt and rucksack smiles at the camera. He is outside, there is a tree in the background, some fog and a green field.

Jacob Warren 

YouTube subscribers: 4640
Most popular video: 25,000 views

Jacob is here to help you “Make more money as a delivery driver” as his tagline says. His videos feature DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, and various other apps. Additionally, Jacob’s knowledge provides valuable insights into delivery systems and how to maximise their value. His well-known video First Day with Uber Eats is very helpful for anyone just starting. As well as this, Jacob also teaches entrepreneurship and finance, which could be of use too! 

A female with round black sunglasses sits on the drivers side of the car, with steering wheel in front of her. She has long blonde hair and is pointing at a circle in the thumbnail which reads Ride Along With Bri.

Ride Along With Bri

YouTube subscribers: 15,500
Most popular video: 87,000 views

Bri creates ride-along videos in which she discusses her experiences with various gig apps and the ways she maximises her earnings with them. Alongside this, she discusses insurance, gas deals, and other tips that could be particularly valuable to you. We recommend her popular  video Uber Eats driver ride-along for some seriously helpful tips.

A young man in an olive t shirt, with black hair smiling at the camera against a plain white background.

Your Driver Mike

YouTube subscribers: 93,700
Most popular video: 105,000 views

As well as creating content for his YouTube channel, Mike is also a freelancer with an MBA! He is passionate about supporting others in succeeding in the gig economy and creating multiple income streams. Luckily, his channel is divided into sections and contains many informative videos covering DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Amazon Flex, and other services. His highly viewed video Is driving for Amazon Flex worth it is worth checking out.

A red square with Gig Nation written in the middle. The letters are in capital, and are coloured white to stand out from the background.

Gig Nation

YouTube subscribers: 57,000
Most popular video: 211,000 views

Gig Nation covers Gig Economy 101 from ridesharing to delivery driving and everything in between. No stone left unturned! We think their 25 Delivery App Jobs in the Gig Economy video is particularly helpful. Gig Nation’s most popular video, 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Delivering for Amazon, is fantastic.

A female with blonde hair wearing glasses, smiling at the camera.

Dash With Ash in Canada, a popular youtuber focusing on the delivery economy

Dash With Ash In Canada 

YouTube subscribers: 1,260
Most popular video: 5000 views

First things first, we think Ash’s channel name is kind of funny, isn’t it? A newer channel, her videos cover a variety of delivery apps. Sometimes the best things come in small packages! We recommend you to check her out. 

If you’re looking to change how you earn from driving, going from rideshare to delivery or from parcels to people, look at our tips on picking up a different type of driving work. At INSHUR, we want to help you keep earning, whatever that looks like. Whether you’re a private hire driver, courier or food delivery driver, ensure you’ve got the right cover today.

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