Thanksgiving 2022 – What to Expect 🦃

Thanksgiving 2022 – What to Expect 🦃

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!

According to Ride Share Guy, during Thanksgiving 2021 drivers reported that the holidays were less busy in cities and livelier in smaller towns and villages. With so many potential passengers going home for the holidays, demand decreases in bigger areas. So how can you ride out the holidays and still make money?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles…

Make sure you’re ready to pick up passengers from transport hubs like train stations, airports and rental car lots. Demand is likely to be higher here than normal. Tired and travel-weary passengers will be glad of a ride back to their families!

Food in Your Car?

Are you happy with passenger food in your car? Consider some seat covers or providing a bag that passengers can place their food on! No one wants to be scraping pumpkin pie off their seats!

Watch Out!

Drunk passengers can be a nightmare. Have sick bags on hand, air fresheners to deal with booze breath and perhaps some bottles of water to help them sober up! Emotions run high, and passengers may be inclined to drag you into their dramas, be courteous but don’t get taken advantage of. Remember to report abuse and bad behaviour to Uber as soon as you can.

Some local police departments are offering passengers $10 vouchers in an effort to decrease drunk driver numbers, check with your local police department for any similar initiatives.

The Boring Stuff

If you have time on your hands, it’s a great opportunity to take stock of your vehicle before the big Christmas rush. Check tyre pressures, tread, oil and screen wash levels. Double check all your paperwork and licenses are up to date. It’s boring; but necessary!

Making Time For Family

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday for everyone after all, and that includes you! In cities, there’s likely to be more drivers than demand. Be sure to make time for yourself and your family, and enjoy the holiday season. Take a look at some fun activities you can do and some delicious recipes for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

From all of us at INSHUR, we wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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