Returning to Work as an Uber Driver After The Coronavirus Pandemic

Returning to Work as an Uber Driver After The Coronavirus Pandemic

The decision of returning to work after taking a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic requires careful consideration. Of course, above all, you need to ensure you’re as safe as possible.

You can find useful information on our blog regarding face coverings, cleaning your car, and delivery work options.

If and when you do decide to return to work, it’s important that your vehicle is safe and your use of it is legal.

I haven’t been driving my car at all

If you currently do not have any insurance cover at all on your vehicle, it should have been declared off-road with a SORN notice. This means that before driving it again, you must remember to remove this notice by paying tax on your vehicle. You can do this here:

Check your tyres, oil levels and cleaning fluid. Also, if you have not used it at all recently, the battery is likely to have gone so be sure to check this ahead of the day you plan to return to work.

I’ve only used my car for personal reasons

You may have cancelled your private hire insurance cover if you have only been using your car for Social Domestic & Pleasure (SDP) use. Before you start returning to work, either transporting passengers or goods, you must change your cover.

Head into the INSHUR app and be covered again in just a few minutes where you’ll be covered for SDP, private hire, and food deliveries.

Download the app

When transporting passengers, please note it is now asked that you do the following:

  • Wear a face covering
  • Ensure the passenger sits in the back and open your windows
  • Clean key areas before and after every passenger, such as; seat belt, door handles (both inside and out), window controls, and anything else in the back seats that a passenger is likely to touch such as airflow controls, hand rests, handles, and drink holders.

If you have any queries about your insurance cover, please get in touch with us as we’d be more than happy to help. You can do this by:

We hope you remain safe and urge you not to start returning to work until you are comfortable you have made all the possible steps to protect yourself.

  • Email – [email protected]
  • Phone – 0808 169 9165 (free to phone)
  • Or using our live chat within the app (click the 3 dots in the top right corner and then “help”)
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