Making changes to your INSHUR policy is easy

Making changes to your INSHUR policy is easy

After starting a policy, many insurance providers make it difficult for courier and private hire drivers to make changes to their policy. Typically, drivers are expected to pay a hefty admin fee. Leaving many who want to work flexibly, and will need to replace their vehicle often, are left out of pocket.

For some of our customers, we understand circumstances change, so making changes to their policy is essential. Or leasing a hire vehicle from a company. Or you work part-time so only need cover for short periods between other commitments. That’s why we’ve made our cover as flexible as you, so you can change your vehicle details up to 4 times a year!

How do I change my vehicle details?

The simplest way to make a policy change is to log in to your INSHUR portal and navigate to ‘request to change existing policy’.

From here, we’ll generate an instant quote that covers your new vehicle. You may notice a change in your premium, which will depend on the vehicle you switch to. Some vehicles will cost more to cover, and others will cost less. When you’ve checked the details you entered, and you’re happy, click ‘accept’. That’s it, job done.

Flexible insurance for private hire and courier drivers  

Many INSHUR customers, who lease or rent their vehicle, choose our no-commitment 30-day policy option. They consider this the only way to get the flexibility they need rather than choosing an annual policy.

But, with up to 4 changes, and a cheaper overall cost, our annual policy could be right for you. Especially if you’re planning on using your vehicle for courier or private hire for a longer period. Whilst also saving yourself the hassle of submitting your documents to your online platform every month. Plus, if you don’t want to pay a lump sum upfront, we have you covered, as you can now split the cost over 12 months with our premium finance.

Looking for flexible courier or private hire insurance? Click here to get a quote with INSHUR in minutes today!


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