INSHUR: An official Uber insurer

INSHUR: An official Uber insurer

At INSHUR, we’re proud to be a member of Uber’s insurance panel. 

Uber works with a select group of insurance companies to develop a cover that specifically meets the needs of Uber drivers.

As one of those companies, INSHUR can support new drivers through the initial checks so you can get started with Uber as quickly as possible. Our 100% digital process means existing Uber drivers can also buy or renew their private hire insurance hassle-free with no requirement to call us.

We are an Instadoc-approved insurer, meaning your insurance documents will be uploaded automatically to Uber and to your Uber account. 

INSHUR has been working with Uber for three years, first in the US before launching in the UK and Netherlands. By buying your cover with us, Uber drivers get personalised quotes and benefits based on your driving score and Uber Pro status.

Choosing your insurer

From 1 January 2022 in London, Uber will only accept insurance policies from its list of Instadoc-approved insurers, including INSHUR. 

If you are licensed by Transport for London (TfL) you need to choose your policy from Uber’s agreed list of companies if you want to drive on the Uber app.

If you drive outside of London, you can choose any insurer you like and don’t have to choose from Uber’s list. But our relationship with Uber does help make the verification process easier, and will also save you time with no need to manually upload your paperwork.

INSHUR offers a range of insurance options for Uber drivers, whether you’re after basic cover or something more that covers things like legal expenses or the use of a replacement car. You can buy an annual policy for peace of mind, or go for the 30-day option if you need a bit more flexibility. 

Want to find out more? Get a full, personalised quote on your mobile in just 3 minutes.


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