How we’re helping rideshare drivers during the pandemic

How we’re helping rideshare drivers during the pandemic

Written by Dan Bratshpis

During the global outbreak of COVID-19, at INSHUR our continued focus is on helping our customers stay safe.

Rideshare drivers around the world are facing challenges within their businesses and livelihoods and we believe every organization has a responsibility to help within their means and expertise during this time.

Being a heavily regulated industry, changes to insurance services in a bid to help customers through challenging times isn’t always a straightforward task. My team and I have been working hard to find solutions that will truly impact drivers while keeping up with the constantly changing environment and official advice.

We operate in two different regulated markets – the UK and New York City. We’ve been reminded that being agile as an insurtech allows us to respond to factors well outside our control in a way that traditional insurance companies simply can’t compete with. I’d like to share an update on what we’re doing to support our drivers, both in the UK and in New York City.

In the UK

  • Coverage provided under policies insuring INSHUR customers will be extended to insure Covered Events occurring during food delivery at no added cost. Food delivery is becoming increasingly popular now and can be a safe way for our customers to stay on the road while protecting their health. Without having to make any changes to their policy, drivers can drive for food delivery companies if they wish to continue being on the roads and earning.
  • Our customers can choose a flexible policy of any length between 7 and 90 days. During this time of uncertainty, it’s unfair to expect customers to commit to long policy lengths. Our policies also cover our customers for Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SDP) driving, so they’re protected even if they’re only using their car for personal use.
  • We’re helping to put cash back into their pockets. In recognition of these unprecedented times, our customers can cancel their insurance and we will provide them with a refund for cover they haven’t used, with no other fees. This is even valid on the shorter policy lengths mentioned above.

In New York City

  • No fees for late payment. Our customers can continue with their current coverage and use their vehicle for personal use or other delivery work, which allows them to get back to business as soon as demand rises. To help with their insurance costs, we’re waiving any late or reinstatement fees on insurance policies until business resumes.
  • Save cash by downgrading their insurance. We’re enabling our customers to change their coverage at no cost which reduces their monthly payments. All they have to do is make the change in our app, meaning this can be done in minutes.
  • Putting cash back in their pockets at a time where they need it most. The TLC has recently announced that drivers can put their TLC licenses “in storage” for up to 90-days. If drivers wish to use this option, we’re happy to cancel their policy with no additional charges and refund any return premium.

As the situation continues to develop, the need for organizations to continue to react and communicate with their customers and other stakeholders grows. But also to ensure they show compassion and represent the sense of community coming together during this time.

Stay safe everyone,


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