How to Find Better Courier Jobs in 2024 🚐

How to Find Better Courier Jobs in 2024 🚐

Did you know that couriers can make on average £31,000 per year, just from their vehicle? We look at the best places to search for your next courier job, whether it’s parcels or food. With internet shopping higher than ever before, there’s no better time to think about the switch to a courier career!

Job Boards

The easiest way to look for jobs is through job boards such as Indeed, Total Jobs, Monster and Google Jobs. You can set up alerts so you’re notified as soon as a courier vacancy is posted. Also, check out Courier Exchange – the UK’s largest courier marketplace. Here you can pick and choose your load, send price estimates and work to your own schedule.

Most Popular Courier Companies

Consider the following companies when looking at who you’d like to deliver for:

Why Not Royal Mail?

You might be wondering about the differences between Royal Mail and courier jobs? Whilst there are definitely benefits to delivering at his Majestie’s leisure, becoming a courier means you can work to your own schedule. You manage your workload and essentially work for yourself. The sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential!

Typical Pay for A Delivery Driver

This really depends on the courier, how many routes you take on a week, and how much your running and fuel costs are likely to be. A quick Google gives figures of between £10-£16 an hour, and salaries ranging from £21,000 – £31,000 per year according to Glassdoor and Talent.

Shift Length

Really, this can be up to you! Drivers for Indeed Flex can expect to work 20-40 hours per week, but that’s just one example. With Amazon Flex, it’s totally up to you whether you work every day, or deliver part-time.

One Last Thing…

We hope that this goes some way to help you find your perfect courier job. Each company will operate differently, and you can deliver for multiple at any one time. Remember to maintain your vehicle to a good standard, and have an up-to-date MOT. Drive safe out there!


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