Help! My Vehicle was Stolen – An INSHUR Success Story

Help! My Vehicle was Stolen – An INSHUR Success Story

It’s the middle of the night, and a stranger targets your house to steal your vehicle. It’s every driver’s worst nightmare – how do you react? One customer knew immediately – call INSHUR.

Following a break-in to his house, a customer had their 2019 E Class Mercedes vehicle stolen along with his daughter’s car. He informed the Police who unfortunately lacked the capacity to investigate. INSHUR jumped into action.

We Are Agile

Mercedes cars are fitted with trackers which gave us the exact location of the stolen car. Once pinpointed the vehicle, we instructed a field agent to locate the vehicle and stand guard.

Our customer was then taken to the location to collect his car armed with his spare set of keys (it pays to keep them safe!). He then removed the car to a place of safe storage pending replacement key and locks.

We Are Brave

Whilst on scene, our agent also located the daughter’s stolen vehicle which was insured by another provider. Upon informing the provider, they confirmed they would collect in a few days, by which time the vehicle would have disappeared.

Unwilling to let this happen, INSHUR arranged for Police to attend and uplift and impound the vehicle to safe storage. Sometimes being a huge insurance company means you can’t always act quickly, unlike INSHUR who react quickly to the needs of our customers.

We Get Results

In the end, we reclaimed the customer’s £30,000 Mercedes the same day, as well as his daughter’s vehicle.

Police are now investigating the break-in.

It pays to be insured with INSHUR. We act FAST when the worst happens.

Did you know you can get an insurance quote with INSHUR in minutes? All you need is your driver’s license, so why not get started now?

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