Where to pick up Uber passengers at Heathrow and Gatwick Airport

Where to pick up Uber passengers at Heathrow and Gatwick Airport

  • Heathrow has one Uber driver waiting area called the AVA.
  • Drivers must be in the AVA to get ride requests.
  • Rides can only be picked up at Heathrow short-term car parks.
  • Each car park has a specified pick-up zone.
  • Gatwick has one Uber driver waiting area – the New Gatwick Car Park.
  • Drivers must be in the New Car Park to get ride requests.
  • Riders can only be picked up at Gatwick’s short-term car parks.
  • North and South Terminals have specific pick-up zones.

Uber’s concerns go further than mere ground transport. They’re interested in air traffic too.

Or, more specifically, the people who fly and how they get to or from the airport. Uber has made large strides to make this as simple as possible for drivers and riders alike. Designated waiting and pick up areas have been organised at most UK airports. Below, we look at Heathrow and Gatwick. Next time, we will look at Luton and Stansted, then north to Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

Heathrow Waiting Area

Uber once had fourteen waiting areas here. Now, there’s one. This is the Heathrow Authorised Vehicle Area (AVA). This spot is very big, with a car park for 700 vehicles, toilets, catering and even a smoking area. Find it on the Northern Perimeter Road, TW6 2RL. Uber’s geo-location systems mean this is the only area where you will receive pick-up requests, so you must be there to collect a fare.

Pick-up areas

Drivers are only allowed to pick up riders at the designated pick-up spots located in the short stay car parks of each terminal. You absolutely cannot pick up passengers in the terminal drop-off zones. Riders receive instructions via the Uber app which tells them to go to these pick-up places.

Actual pick-up spots are

Terminal 1: Level 1 short-term parking, Row Q. Uber tells riders to wait in the covered area.
Terminal 3: Level 3, Row A. The app will direct riders to wait within the lift lobby area.
Terminal 4: Level 2 – Central Isle. Uber informs passengers to wait within the central lift area.
Terminal 5: Level 1 – Rows A or F of the short-term car park. Riders wait at the lift lobby area.

Gatwick Waiting Area

Just like Heathrow, Uber has one geo-located driver waiting area at Gatwick. This is the only place you will get ride requests. It’s located at the New Gatwick Car Park, Beehive Ring Road, RH6 0PB. You’ll find toilets and other amenities, but the branded Uber waiting zone may be crowded at times.
Note; you don’t need to be in that zone to get a ride, just in the car park, which is open 24/7.

Pick-up areas

Once again, Uber has set strict rules on where to collect passengers. This can only be done at the airport’s terminal car parks (you may incur a hefty fine if you try to pick up elsewhere). There are two terminals at Gatwick – North and South – so you’ll have to drive to either one to meet your riders. Actual pick-up spots are:
North terminal – RH6 0PJ: Car Park 5, Level 3 – Row B.
South terminal – RH6 0PJ: Orange Park, Level 3 – Row B.

At both Heathrow and Gatwick, the car parking fee is charged to the rider via the Uber app.


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