Where Can Uber Drivers Find A Restroom In New York’s Coronavirus Lockdown?

Where Can Uber Drivers Find A Restroom In New York’s Coronavirus Lockdown?

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. For rideshare drivers the real question is, where? When your office is on four wheels and you’re constantly on the move, how do you find the nearest restroom?

There are plenty of public bathroom and restroom facilities spread across New York City, but these are compromised by the COVID-19 restrictions that our communities face.

Where to find a restroom

A great tool, originally posted in a Uber Drivers Forum, is www.nyrestroom.com. Professor Dr. Wansoo created the interactive map of NYC, breaking down open bathrooms into six categories: public, coffee shop, book store, hotel, fast food, and other. Save the link to find restroom facilities quickly.

Another popular source for locating public restrooms is ‘Flush’ – The Toilet Finder & Map – app. Available to download on both iOS and Android, it uses your devices’ GPS location to signpost directions to the nearest public facility. The app also shows if toilets are free, open and if they have disabled access.

Does the Coronavirus lockdown affect restroom access?

Understandably for the safety of Public Health, the short answer is yes. Although essential businesses have been allowed to keep trading, coffee shops and restaurants only offer take-out, pick-up or delivery options.

When a private bathroom is not in immediate reach, access to public restrooms is essential to ‘do your business’. Good news! All City parks are open, as are their restrooms. Click here to find a full list of the NYC parks with public restrooms.

Where to park

So you’ve found a nearby place to ‘relieve’ yourself. The next question is, where do you park? The TLC has 19 Relief Stands designated to For Hire taxis. Relief Stands allow drivers to park their vehicle for up to one hour whilst they take care of personal needs. Click here to find a full list of locations.

Protecting your health

Simple measures like wearing a face-covering when outside of your home, and washing your hands regularly can help you stay safe, protect your health and the health of others during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation is committed to keeping their restrooms safe, cleaning them daily with appropriate disinfectant products. Where possible, it is additionally recommended to close the lid of the toilet first and then trigger the flushing process to prevent the spread of infections for future users. Drivers should also be cleaning their vehicle regularly. Click here for top tips on keeping the inside of your car clean.

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