Driver Tips: Boost your Fares 💷

Driver Tips: Boost your Fares 💷

It’s a phrase we often hear – work smarter, not harder. But how can we make our lives a little easier for ourselves? Earning tips can be a potential game changer for private hire drivers, potentially increasing your take-home earnings without working the extra hours.

Whilst your passenger is looking to get from A to B, there’s no reason to not make their trip a little more memorable. Research by The Taxi Centre shows that 46% of riders would not tip on a normal journey, however, we have a few tips and tricks to help you boost your fares. 

Simple Ways To Boost Your Fares

Help With Bags

It’s a simple offer that can really help passengers feel taken care of. Make sure to keep your boot clean and tidy, and always take care with people’s luggage. 

Music and Radio

To play or not to play! Really there’s no right or wrong answer, but keep the volume low and the vibes upbeat, as uplifting music creates a more positive experience for the rider. You can find some great playlists, such as this Chill Happy Mix on Spotify.

Additionally, you can always ask your passenger what they want to listen to. You may find they want you to turn the music up or prefer the quiet. We love the idea of curating multiple playlists that reflect your typical passengers! 

Clean and Fresh

There’s nothing worse than getting into a friend’s car who immediately apologises for the state of it as you kick aside old food wrappers and scrunch your nose at the smell. But imagine this friend is also offering rides to paying customers! To avoid this being you, always keep your vehicle clean and presentable, get yourself car scents, have your vehicle cleaned often and remember to check the passenger seats between rides to ensure no one has left a mess in the backseat.

Cab Conversation

Research shows that 66% of passengers prefer a chatty driver which can sometimes lead to extra tips. However, one should always respect a passenger who doesn’t wish to talk.

If you find yourself running out of ways to answer “busy day?”, then we might be able to help! The truth is, most people’s favourite subject is themselves. This isn’t selfish, it’s science. Researchers from Harvard University proved we’re happier when talking about ourselves. So if you have a chatty Cathy in the backseat, ask about them! it’s better to be a good listener than a big talker, so ask questions, show interest and listen.

Can Drivers Increase In-App Tipping?

We’ve covered the simple things, such as keeping your vehicle clean and tidy, and respecting your passengers.

Our last piece of advice is that people who take longer journeys tend to give better tips. 65% of those surveyed by The Taxi Centre said they’d be more likely to tip on journeys of over 20 minutes. Tips can increase further if you’re willing to pick up rider’s friends along the way, or visit a drive-thru for that hungry passenger!

Most importantly, enjoy the ride!

Check out this list for some quirky ideas from fellow drivers – everything from passenger snacks, messages for passengers and personalised playlists!

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