Delivery Work And Coronavirus: Uber Drivers Have Their Say

Delivery Work And Coronavirus: Uber Drivers Have Their Say

The coronavirus outbreak has caused taxi ridership to significantly decrease, leaving many private hire drivers looking for other ways to make money.

Food delivery and courier services have become increasingly popular and can be a good way to stay on the road and keep earning.

We spoke to some INSHUR customers to find out what they think.

Opinion on delivery work is often divided amongst rideshare drivers, but the industries aren’t so different. Both offer paid work and use technology to connect drivers to the wider public. PHV driver Nazir, from Coventry, told us he’s made the temporary switch to delivery and is finding it enjoyable, as well as a good source of income to keep paying those bills.

We understand the decision to continue working may not be straightforward, but drivers who are able to work play an important role in keeping essential services moving throughout their communities. Paulo, a PHV driver from Croydon, shares this point of view in his response to delivery work. He says, ‘I feel good about doing deliveries. Doesn’t bother me. [I] used to do the shopping for some of my neighbours that couldn’t leave the house because they are over 60 and have health issues. So it’s a job that’s required and will help lots of people.’

Making the switch is easy for INSHUR customers, as policies automatically cover you to deliver food at no added cost. But remember, if you’re still driving for rideshare or delivery, it’s important to stay safe to protect your health and others’ during the coronavirus outbreak. Most services now offer contact-free deliveries.

Here are some of the delivery services that could be an option for INSHUR customers:

Uber Eats

All INSHUR customers who work in a city where Uber Eats is available can start taking food deliveries. Simply open the Uber Driver app and select to turn on delivery requests.


Uber has also partnered with online supermarket Ocado and more, assisting drivers in earning through other food-delivery opportunities. Be sure to visit the Work Hub in the Uber Driver app.

Other services

Popular platforms like Just Eat and Deliveroo also need help from drivers as local businesses, communities and people increasingly rely on deliveries in a time of social-distancing and self-isolation.

Please bear in mind that if you are an INSHUR customer selected to drive exclusively for Uber, you will need to use Uber Eats only

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