Courier Driver New Year Winter Checks ❄️🧤

Courier Driver New Year Winter Checks ❄️🧤

The recent cold snap in the UK came as a surprise, it even snowed on Brighton beach! Whilst mostly fun on foot, snow and ice make for treacherous driving conditions. We’re giving you some quick tips to make sure you’re not caught out in the cold this winter!

Book a Winter Service

If you haven’t already, booked your vehicle to have a winter service. De-ice and water levels will be checked alongside tyre pressures and tread. When finished, you can be reassured that your car is prepared for winter driving. Services will also help you prevent potential breakdowns and costly future repairs.

A good service history will help when you come to sell, showing you’ve looked after your vehicle!

Chargers & Powerbanks

Next, be sure to give your phone a full charge before heading out. You’ll need to be able to call for help if you get into difficulties, as well as using your phone as your navigation device. Keep a spare power bank or two charged should you need extra power in a pinch!

Breakdown Kit

Can you find your spare tyre? Do you have the tools to be able to change it if you need to? A great idea is to carry a kit with you in case of roadside emergencies – the kit can include a breakdown triangle, knuts for changing tyres, bottled water, and maybe some snacks in case of a long wait for recovery vehicles.

Finding Fuel

Found yourself delivering in unfamiliar territory? It’s worth spending two minutes looking up the nearest service stations in case you need fuel quickly! As a bonus, larger stations also have toilets and food outlets – perfect for a day on the road.

Keep Warm

Most important is the person inside the car – you, the driver! When on delivery routes, it’s important to keep warm, especially during cold snaps. Heated car seats that plug into a USB port on the console are handy, as well as driving gloves to keep those fingers warm, and re-usable heat packs. Wear layers that are easy to take off as you get warmer jumping in and out of your vehicle, and take a Thermos to have tea on the go!

We hope that this list serves as a checklist of how to prepare for driving for Winter, and reminds you to book that service!

Now for insurance! With INSHUR, all you need is your driver’s license to get a quote and be on the road in minutes.

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