What Are the Best Scooters for Delivery Drivers? 🛵📦

What Are the Best Scooters for Delivery Drivers? 🛵📦

Many delivery drivers and riders, particularly food delivery drivers, opt for scooters. They’re easier to park, more manoeuvrable and easier to hop off in a hurry. They also use less fuel and are usually cheaper to tax and repair.

However, choosing the best scooter for deliveries can affect how much profit you make on your deliveries. When looking for a scooter as a delivery driver you will want to consider the following:


Since fuel costs are yours to bear, how many miles to the gallon your engine can manage will affect how much profit you make as a delivery driver. 

Engine size

For smaller deliveries, you don’t need a very powerful bike. In fact, a bike with a bigger engine can end up slowing you down when you’re navigating towns and cities. That’s why most delivery drivers tend to opt for a 125cc engine or less. Plus, a smaller engine will likely mean paying less insurance. 


This is going to be very important for couriers. The majority of delivery drivers will add a box to the back of their scooters for their delivery packages. Don’t forget, you’ll also need somewhere to store your personal items. Seat storage can be useful for keeping your keys, wallet and even a magazine or book to keep you occupied between deliveries.


Professional drivers need to be comfortable. The more comfortable your vehicle, the better you’ll feel. Make sure you take any scooter you’re considering buying for a test drive to ensure it is the right fit for you.

Honda PCX 125

One of the most fuel-efficient bikes, it’s no wonder the Honda PCX is such a popular scooter for delivery drivers. With an 8-litre fuel tank and a top speed of 67mph, the Honda PCX is available new for circa £3,599. Capable of around 130 miles per gallon, this is a great choice for delivery drivers.

Yamaha NMAX 125

Despite its smaller 6.6-litre tank, this bike is surprisingly powerful. 

Ideal for city travel, it’s sleek, nimble and economical. It also has a Start & Stop system to save on fuel, making it a more environmentally friendly option. A new Yamaha NMAX 125 averages £3,550.

Piaggio Liberty 125

One of the most stylish options, the Piaggio Liberty is a favourite of scooter fans not only for its reliability but for its European look. Its large front wheel gives the rider a greater feeling of control when nipping around city centres, with a top speed of around 59mph. 

The Piaggio can be one of the better choices for smaller drivers, as the seat is lower than on many other makes and models. It also comes in a little cheaper at around £2,700 new.

Askoll NGS3 Electric 

Electric scooters are very likely to be the future of food delivery in urban areas. They should save couriers money on petrol, they’re better for the environment and they’re not going to be releasing harmful emissions. Unfortunately, they are slow to come to the UK and a bit slow in general.

The Askoll NGS3 is one of the better electric scooter options on the market, with a top speed of 40mph. It’s also one of the lightest and fastest to charge. This model costs around £3,679 but should save you money on maintenance and fuel.

Horwin EK3

As far as electric scooters go, the Horwin scores very well. Its top speed is 60mph, it looks great and it’s extremely comfortable. This bike almost feels as if it were made for urban delivery drivers.

With an average charge time of 4 hours, you’ll have to be organised. However, this will give you a 60-mile range, and does 0-60mph in just 6 seconds. At circa £4,099, it is more costly than the Askoll, but could be a cheaper option long-term than a petrol scooter.

Our Thoughts…

The market has many great options for delivery drivers. When choosing, consider a make and model that is cheap to run so that you can maximise your profit whilst using it for work.

Whilst Honda, Yamaha and Piaggio are excellent and highly popular scooters amongst delivery drivers, it’s worth looking at the electric options. 

Using an electric scooter may not be possible or practical in your area right now, but these are becoming common in Europe and the UK may look to make using an electric scooter even cheaper for delivery drivers in the next year or two. It is possible in areas like London, and other major cities, that non-electric vehicles will soon have to pay an emissions charge. If this applied to scooter delivery drivers this could be yet another cost. You’ll need to research your area well before investing in an electric scooter to check that there are enough charging points. 

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