Where to Find the Best Public Toilets as A Driver

Where to Find the Best Public Toilets as A Driver

Everyone needs to visit the toilet at some point during the day. But for a private hire or delivery driver in a busy city, finding the best public toilets is easier said than done. For a start, parking fees and fines are at an all-time high. And it seems unfair to pay a big-ticket price just to go to the loo.

Even if you’ve located a great public toilet, it still might be impossible to use it. That’s because many city centres have banned all parking.

Many public toilets, like those in train stations, require you to spend a penny before you can use the facilities. In fact, that’s where the phrase comes from! But many of us no longer carry small change in an era of chip & pin and Apple Pay.

And what if you’re in an unfamiliar town? If you’ve got no idea where to stop, things can get desperate…

A change in the law and public facilities – the good

If you deliver to commercial premises, you’re probably already aware of the law. From November 2017, businesses that make or receive deliveries are legally obliged to give all courier drivers access to toilets and handwashing facilities.

Whenever you’re doing deliveries for this kind of business, by law you can use their washrooms.

If they refuse access, they can be named and shamed.

Also, remember, there are literally thousands of free public toilets available up and down the country.

Drivers caught short on video – the bad

Delivery drivers and private hire taxi drivers haven’t always found the nearest toilets. A few (a very few) have been caught on security cameras going to the loo in random public places.

This is never a good idea.

Footage of incidents like this have gone viral in the past. The outcome is always negative. Companies can’t have their delivery drivers drawing this kind of attention to them and so it’s best not to try it.

Some people use empty water bottles and then throw it out of the car window. That’s illegal – and it’s not nice. Don’t do it!

Apps to offer relief – the simple

The solution is not to drink less during the day. Dehydration can lead to health problems.

The solution is to have a plan.

If you have a common delivery route or you’re driving in an area you know well, plan regular stops for toilet breaks. Make sure you know where public toilets are. You can also use the toilets in fast-food restaurants, shopping malls, and supermarkets.

In many ways, large Supermarkets have the best facilities. They’re often open 24 hours, offer free parking, and you can pick up a snack while you’re there.

When you’re out and about, local, or otherwise, you need a public-toilet-locater app loaded onto your phone. For finding public loos on an iPhone, Flush has been voted the best app. And for Android, Sitorsquat is recommended. It has a great rating system, so you know exactly what you’re walking into if you choose to go somewhere.

You can also get The Great British Public Toilet map. Simply launch it on your mobile internet browser and you’ll know where all the toilets are in any area in the country. And if you can, remember to make a home stop if you’re nearby.

Also don’t forget that in the time it takes to make a toilet break you can get a quote for all the insurance cover you’ll ever need.


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